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College of Nursing Coronavirus Policies and Procedures

The College of Nursing is prepared to respond effectively to the novel coronavirus outbreak. We are still coordinating with the university and community partners on several issues. Thank you for your patience as we establish a consistent plan across all areas of the college. As the university's information and plans evolve, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions regarding your work. The Dean's office will collect these inquiries and do our best to respond. Should any of our policies or practices change as a result off the outbreak, we will work to inform you as quickly as possible.

The College has established a phone line during the next few weeks while remote for students who have questions not related to their coursework and for external stakeholders. If you need to speak to someone in the college, please call (803) 312-1169 during the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm. 


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The University of South Carolina is working with the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to actively monitor the novel coronavirus outbreak and any potential impact to our campus community.


An employee coming to campus on a time-limited visit will continue to notify their supervisor and Becki Dangerfield, but can do so without approval.  A time-limited visit is defined as a one-time return (e.g., meeting, to collect material, to clean out office) or recurring no more than weekly and of duration less than 2 hours.

In addition, continue to provide notification to Becki and your supervisor if you are:

    1. taking leave related to COVID19
    2. taking leave not related to COVID19/not scheduled to work remotely.

Return to Campus Schedule Submission:  Please fill out the Return to Campus Schedule by Friday at noon for the following week in order to receive your official university required memo.
Week of October 5-9
Week of October 12-16
Week of October 19-23  
Week of October 26-30  
Week of November 2-6 
Week of November 9-13  
Week of November 16-20  

Updated Face Coverings Policy

As announced in the Presidential Townhall on July 7th, in adherence to the new ordinance set forth by the City of Columbia, face coverings are now required in all university buildings. The below information can be found on the HR Toolbox Return to Work webpage:


Additional required information:

  • The university is requiring us to report a daily census for faculty and staff.
    Please let your supervisor and Becki know by 9am each day if you are:

    • Ill or taking leave and not working that day
    • Coming in to the building

     If you are working remotely as usual – you do not need to report anything.

  • Guidelines For Supervisors of Student Employees During University Closure
  • On-Campus Work Form Please send form to Dean Andrews and cc: Becki Dangerfield if you plan to come to campus.
  • Time Reporting During COVID-19 Event
    Our university is committed to limiting the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe. The College of Nursing is flexible as we consider options for allowing employees to work remotely to maintain operations and services. Please communicate with your supervisor.
    Non-exempt (staff) who submit weekly timesheets should report time in the following manner:

    • All time actually worked should be reported in the normal manner, using ITAMS code: WORKED-Hours Worked.
    • Time not worked as a result of the campus closure and the social distancing directive should be reported using the following COVID code, “S/L COVID S/L COVID Illness.”All leave earning employees are authorized to use available sick leave to cover time not worked, even if they are not diagnosed with the virus.
    • Employees who are caring for a family member who is ill may use code: “FSL COVID S/L-Family COVID Illness”

    Exempt employees who report time on a bi-monthly basis (all faculty and staff exempt from earning overtime) are to report time not worked using the COVID codes in the manner described above for non-exempt employees.

    Employees may also elect to use compensatory time, annual leave or leave without pay depending on their preference and available balances.

    • Employees who use compensatory time should use code: “COMP-TAKEN Comp Time Taken”
    • Employees who use annual leave should use code: “A/L COVID A/L COVID Illness”
    • Employees who use leave without pay should use code: “LWOP COVID Unpaid Leave COVID Illness”

    For leave earning employees who do not have available sick leave, sick leave may be advanced. HR 1.06, Sick Leave, allows the advancement of up to 15 days of sick leave with the approval of the Vice President for Human Resources or their designee. During the COVID-19 event, approval will be expedited. Documentation from a licensed health care provider will not be required. All advanced leave will be repaid as the employee earns future sick leave. Certain employees who meet required criteria may be eligible for leave from the university leave pool.

    Temporary employees are not eligible for leave with pay for absences from work. 

     Job Classification Definitions

    • Non-exempt and Exempt status is determined for staff by the State Office of HR and USC.  All staff in the CON know their status and it is also printed on their position description three blocks below the employee’s name.
    • All Faculty positions are Exempt.
    • Non-exempt Employees: Employees of the University of South Carolina who are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and who are subject to both the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the law.  Non-exempt employees are required by law to report time on a weekly basis.
    • Exempt Employees: Employees of the University of South Carolina who are exempt from both the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) due to employment in a bona fide executive, administrative, professional or outside sales capacity.  Exempt employees are required to submit a bi-monthly timesheet reporting time away from the office (i.e., Annual Leave, Sick Leave, FMLA, Court Leave, etc.).
  • Faculty Evaluation Process: Letter From the Provost  3/27/2020

General Information/Reminders 

The TRC support staff has moved back to our normal operating hours of 8:30 – 5:00, Monday - Friday.  Please reach out through to let us know if the need for extended hours has returned and we will accommodate.

  • Email - IT staff will be monitoring and responding in the appropriate manner. Please do not email requests to the staff directly. 


Login Credentials/DUO Multifactor
Please verify that you know your login credentials for any system that you will need access to when working off-site.  The most important is your usc login credentials, which you use to get into your computer, blackboard, email, onedrive, etc.

If you need to reset your password or change your Duo Multifactor Authentication Settings, please visit the site

Video Conferencing options for meetings
If you need to meet with an individual via video conference, you can do so by one of the following methods:


  • Reimbursements and Advisories
  • Travel Memo to Faculty and Staff
  • In an effort to provide relevant real time travel information, please alert your travelers to the following:
    In order to receive a credit/voucher for airfare, the reservation MUST be cancelled BEFORE the travel date.  Travel agencies and airlines are not automatically cancelling flights.  The travelers must contact them and request the reservation be cancelled.
    Please check with the airlines concerning specifics regarding cancellation procedures and policies.

  • Message from the President  5/6/20
  • Register for Carolina Alert
  • Amazon/Gamecock Pantry Wish List
  • How You Can Help The Kids at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital
  • If you have any media/interview requests please let Jan Johnson know. The UofSC Communications Office has asked that we keep them in the loop on all requests.

  • Sherene Chavous is checking snail mail and fed ex packages weekly.  If you are expecting something in the mail, please let her know, and she can reach out to you when it arrives. 

  • President Caslen forms Future Planning Group
    Recently, President Caslen announced the formation of the Future Planning Group, an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff that is made up of seven standing committees with diverse membership. Learn more about university planning for the fall 2020 semester.

  • Parking refunds coming to faculty, staff
    Due to the impact of COVID-19, Parking and Transportation Services will immediately suspend parking payroll deductions for all faculty and staff accounts until the campus is reopened. 

  • Update on Facilities
    Facilities staff is heavy cleaning the academic buildings prior to students coming back or by the end of the current two-week campus closure. In order to accomplish this task, facilities is securing or locking rooms after they have completed sanitizing. Each room that is sanitized will have a certification posted on the door with contact information and locked.

  • Accessing campus buildings
    All buildings are currently locked in the same manner as happens during the winter break. If you need access to a building, please notify your supervisor. If for unforeseen reasons, you are locked out of a building and you need access, you may also call USCPD at 803-777-9111.

  • The UofSC Communications Office is publishing faculty Q&A’s on various topics related to COVID-19. They would like to speak to a faculty member on “how our nursing community is being impacted by COVID-19.” If you are interested and willing please contact Jan Johnson.

  • Educate Your Legislator on the PPE shortage
    Find your representative.
    All healthcare workers need access to the necessary PPE for their protection while providing care. That includes the N95 respirator, isolation gown, eye protection, and gloves. #ANACOVID19Chat

  • Blood Shortage: Find a blood drive near you. 

  • The American Red Cross SC Volunteer Opportunity

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