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College of Nursing

Video Conferencing - Zoom Room

Room 508 in the College of Nursing is our dedicated Zoom Room.  This room is outfitted with Zoom Room technology that makes video conferencing simple and convenient.

To operate our Zoom Room conference room, you need to know a few bits of information before you are able to utilize the technology.  Please note the following:

  • The remote participant(s) who are attending the meeting will need the Zoom plugin or application installed on their computer/device as well as a microphone, speakers and webcam (for video). 
  • The remote participant(s) will also need the corresponding Zoom sharing link to enter the Zoom conference. 
  • Before your meeting time, please share with the remote participant(s) the Zoom sharing link that corresponds to the conference room.

Zoom sharing link

  • Room 508:

When you are ready to start your zoom room meeting, follow the instructions below.

Starting a Zoom Room Meeting

  1. Click the “Meet Now” icon zr-meet nowon the touch panel navigation.  Then click the “Meet Now” button zr-meet now to start the meeting.  The remote participants will click the link you sent to enter the meeting room.
  2. Once the meeting has started you will have the following controls.
    zr-meeting controls
  3. To record the meeting, click the “Record” button zr-record and then enter the email that you would like to receive the link to the recording. Once the meeting is done the recording is processed in the cloud, when ready, an email is sent. 
  4. To stop recording, click the “Record” button zr-recordor “Leave Meeting” button zr-leave meeting.
  5. To share your screen, click the “Share Content” button zr-share content on the touch pad.  Once you see the screen sharing page, plug the hdmi cable from the touch pad into your laptop.  After a few seconds your screen will display within the meeting.
  6. To mute the microphone in the room, click the “Mute” button zr-mute.
  7. To stop sharing video, click the “Stop Video” button zr-stop video.
  8. To end the meeting click the “Leave Meeting” button zr-leave meeting. And then click the “End the Meeting for All” button.
  9. To present using your computer, without a zoom meeting.  Click The “Presentation” button from the navigation and choose “Desktop”.  You can then plug in the hdmi cable from the touch panel or use the browser sharing option.  Follow the onscreen information to share through your browser.

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