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College of Nursing

IT Onboarding

Welcome to the College of Nursing! This reference guide will help you get up and running.

Requests for Technical Support

Please send all requests for technical assistance, including questions, meeting support requests to the Nursing Helpdesk. The Nursing Helpdesk address is You do not need to cc: individual CON IT staff on your ticket, all staff are notified when a new request comes in.

CON IT Staff

The Helpdesk system allows department technical support staff to properly prioritize requests for support and it is the best way to ensure that your problem is resolved. If you have a mission critical problem relating to work that must be completed that day and you have no other options for completing the task, please contact the TRC directly at 777-1213. Please be sure that your request has as much information on your issue as possible, including any error messages you receive in the message. The more we know ahead of time, the better prepared we can be to get your issue resolved.

Account information

For detailed information on how to set up your USC account, please go to the account claiming information page – You should have received this information directly from HR at your personal email address. If you have not, please contact HR.

Password Information

Your password must be reset every 180 days for security purposes. You will receive a reminder email from UTS when your password is about to expire. Please note that your Network password must be at least 8 characters in length and meet at least three of the following rules:

  • One or more lowercase alphabetic characters (a-z)
  • One or more uppercase alphabetic characters (A-Z)
  • One or more numeric characters (0-9)
  • One or more special characters (!@#$%^&*-+= etc.)

If you enter your password incorrectly 7 times, you will be locked out of your account for 30 minutes. Outlook logins contribute to this limit. You can either wait for it to unlock or reset your password in VIP. However, if you have recently reset your password and you find yourself locked out, please make sure you changed your password on all mobile devices you have (phone, tablets, etc.)

Teaching and Classroom Technology

I need assistance with Blackboard

Blackboard is the university’s Learning Management System. Blackboard support for instructors may be found in the UTS Knowledge Base. (Login Required.) Blackboard Support can be obtained through UTS’s dedicated Blackboard support group, who can assist with Blackboard and other supported educational technologies. To contact the Blackboard Support Group, please use the Self-Service Portal or contact the Service Desk at 803-777-1800. Also, Vera Polyakova-Norwood (room 416, phone 777-2476) is available for in house assistance.

Presentation Tools are available for instructors to use in conjunction with Blackboard. Adobe Connect is available to conduct live web sessions. Adobe Presenter allows instructors to record voice-over PowerPoint lectures. VoiceThread works within Blackboard to create interactive audio/video presentations. More information can be found in the Knowledge Base.

How do I get an Adobe Connect/Presenter account?

Place a ticket with the helpdesk and we will order the software for you. Once the order is placed, you will be contacted by UTS with your account information and setup instructions. Please update your existing Helpdesk ticket (reply to the email) to let us know when we can install the software, as it does require administrator rights to install. Your Adobe Connect login will be the email address and the password you specify for your presenter account. (Note: This password will be separate from your network ID password and will not expire.)

Where can I get an iClicker?

If you would like iClicker sets, you can contact our rep, Glen Garrett, directly. He is very helpful and responsive. You can contact him via email at: He can provide you with iClicker sets, as well as account information for using the iClicker Cloud system. UTS also has a knowledge base article with more information.

Classrooms in Nursing

Please contact the Nursing Helpdesk if you need assistance with Nursing 125, 127, 133, 231, 402, 409 or any of the Conference rooms.

Classrooms in Non-Nursing Buildings

I am teaching in another building on campus and am having problems with the equipment in the room. Who do I need to call?

Please call UTS instructional support at 777-1800. They have a fast track line for classroom issues. They can also provide you with training on using the equipment in a specific room. If you are teaching in Gambrell Hall, please reach out to their Classroom Support page. They and UTS split support duties depending on what room you are in.

What Assessment and Survey tools are available?

Assessment and Survey Tools are available to instructors through Blackboard, Office 365, Class Climate, and Qualtrics. For more information, please contact the Nursing Helpdesk.

Does the College of Nursing have A/V equipment that can be checked out by department employees?

The Nursing Technology Support group has a data projector, multimedia cart, microphone and speaker that can be used with your presentation outside the college. This equipment is for College of Nursing business only, it cannot be checked out for personal use.

Computer Lab

We have a 55-seat computer testing lab located in room 315. When not in use for testing, it is available to all CON employees and nursing students. The computers are equipped with Microsoft Office. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE COMPUTER LAB DURING TESTING FOR ANY REASON. Please do not attempt to enter the room or call. If you have a question during testing, please submit it via email to CON IT Staff.


What are my file storage options in the CON?

We have several options available. Your “Documents” folder on your machine is configured to back up to a secured network storage location. If you have a laptop, you can work off line and your changes will sync back to the network once you dock your computer again. You also have a cloud-based OneDrive for Business account that IT will set up with you during your orientation. Your OneDrive account has 5 Terabytes of storage space. OneDrive is both HIPAA and FERPA compliant. There is also a network drive (K: drive) for sharing documents internally.

If you have a grant and are working with sensitive research data, we have a secured Research server available and can create a folder for you to store your data. It is not accessible unless it is specifically configured for your computer. We do not recommend the use of USB Flash Drives or external drives for file storage unless they are encrypted. If your data is NOT sensitive, we can create a folder on the regular file storage group for you. Please place a ticket with the helpdesk to discuss your options.

How do I access my files off campus?

When you save your documents to your OneDrive Folder on your computer, they will sync to the cloud. Login at

I need a folder created on the K: drive, or access to a folder. How do I get that?

Please place a ticket with . Please include what you want the folder to be called, and who needs access to it (and what degree – do they need read only or write access.) In the case of some folder access requests, your supervisor or the owner of the folder needs to request access for you.

How do I access my email from off campus?

Your e-mail can be accessed from your home or off campus via the web. Go to , enter your network email address and your network password.

I received an email asking for my credentials, what do I do?

If you get a message asking for your network username, password or other secure information, DO NOT reply, DO NOT click any links, and DO NOT provide any personal information. Immediately forward the email as an attachment to and the University Information Security Office will respond. The University of South Carolina will NEVER ask for a user’s password, Network Username, or personal information in an email, ask for credential verification, or threaten to revoke access to your account. Any emails doing so should be considered fraudulent.

I need to have research software installed on my computer. How do I do that?

The University has license agreements for SAS, SPSS, and NVIVO. Please place a ticket with and a technician will install the software for you. The CON gives one license to each faculty member. If you purchase a grant computer or a system for your students to use, there may be a charge for additional installations.

Can End Note and statistics programs be installed on my student’s computer?

Our licensing agreement is restricted to state of South Carolina owned systems only. We have five machines in the Research office (302) with all programs for student assistant use. Access is first come, first served. You may also purchase a computer for your student use if you have grant funds available.

Order a Computer with Your Grant Money

I want advice on ordering a computer with my startup or grant money. Can you help me with that? Please email the nursing helpdesk and we will send you a configuration form to complete for your hardware and software needs and you will need to include your account information. We will spec something out and have you approve it prior to placing the order. Once it arrives, it will be imaged, tagged, and configured and distributed to you. If the equipment will be housed off campus, we will need to know the exact location of it for our records for insurance purposes.

Personal Computer Issues

Due to liability issues, we do not provide support for student or faculty/staff personal computers unless it is related to an ExamSoft issue. For students, UTS operates the Carolina Tech Zone to assist students with computer issues. The Carolina Tech Zone is located at 516 Main Street and is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I need batteries for my mouse and/or keyboard

You may obtain batteries from Whitney Sudduth in room 601B.


Spirion is a software program that searches computers, attached storage devices, and network file shares for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit card, social security, and bank account numbers. End-users can remediate any PII findings on their local computer. A wizard will launch, and remediation options include the secure deletion, quarantine, or encryption of files. Any sensitive data that you no longer need for your day-to-day job should be permanently deleted. If you use the “shred” option, the file is no longer recoverable, please use this feature with caution. We are mandated to have this installed to comply with State of SC security standards.


The College of Nursing uses GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, and Zoom. These platforms are an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software package that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time. You can also use them as a conference call solution.


Please review the below pages regarding video conferencing:

How do I set up Microsoft Teams for my group/grant?

Please see this UTS knowledgebase article about how to request a team. There are different types of teams, make sure to request the one that best suits your needs.

Where can I find information about Skype For Business?

Quick guides for using Skype For Business may be found on the K drive at K:\Dept\Nursing\CON Guidelines and Procedures (Public)\IT Resources\Skype for Business

Personal Computing

Can I use my personal email for university business?

No. Employees and organization units must use university-provided email accounts and are prohibited from using personal or other external email accounts for the conduct of University Business. Employee and organization unit email accounts must not be auto-forwarded to personal or other external email accounts; this prohibits practices known as store-and-forward as well as forward-and delete. This provision also applies to student employees when receiving and sending University Business-related email.

I have a personally owned laptop that I need help with or want CON owned software on.  How do I do that?

For liability reasons and limits on department resources we do not provide any support for personally owned systems. Our software licensing is for College owned computers only and cannot be installed on personal systems. However, UTS does offer some programs for Home use.

What University software is available to me for use on my personal computer?

You can log into, go under faculty/staff, and choose Software. UTS offers Microsoft Office, Cisco VPN client, Spirion (Identity finder), Symantec Endpoint Protection, MATLAB, and SAS for personal computers. There is a charge for some of these programs.

I want advice on ordering a computer with my own money. 

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