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Internet Connectivity Guidelines

Find out more about utilizing the UofSC Wireless and Wired networks by visiting the  Division of Information Technology website.

Connecting to WiFi (uscfacstaff, uscstudent)

Resolving WiFi Connectivity Issues (uscfacstaff, uscstudent)

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the USC Network and have previously connected to the WiFi, we recommend removing your saved network by following these instructions.

  • Right Click the Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen.
    wifi instructions

  • Click Open Network & Internet settings.
    wifi instructions

  • Click Wi-Fi. Make sure both switches at the bottom of the page are set to Off. Then, Click Manage known networks.
    wifi instructions

  • Under Manage known networks, Click the network you want to delete (uscfacstaff / uscstudent / uscguest). Then Click Forget.
    wifi instructions
    The network should disappear from the list.

  • Return to the Network icon and Click it.
    wifi instructions

  • Select your network (uscfacstaff / uscstudent).
    wifi instructions

  • You may be prompted for your Username and Password. Your Username is everything before the @ in your email address. Your Password should be your login / email password. Refer to the top of the guide to make sure your login authenticates or this process will fail every time. After you enter your credentials, Click Connect.
    wifi instructions

  • You should successfully connect, if not, please contact the UofSC Main IT Helpdesk at 777-1800.

  • If you are still having connectivity issues after successfully connecting to a network, make sure you do not have any extensions installed on your browser that you did not intentionally install.
    • To remove unwanted extensions in Google Chrome follow these steps.
    • Go to the 3 dots at the top right of Chrome and click
    • A menu appears, go to More Tools ->
    • Another menu appears, select Extensions
    • Now you will see all installed extensions, if there are any that you have not installed, click Remove

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