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College of Pharmacy

USC Compounding Pros

Compounding Pros

The USC compounding team, Kristen Arnall Spoon , Caroline Roberts and Rebecca Caughman,  took 2nd place overall in the National Medisca Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition in Hollywood, Florida!

By Coach Kathy Quarles-Moore

This overall score was judged based on 3 categories:

  1.  Classic Compounding- teams were given 2 patient scenarios and they had to formulate and compound products for each. With extensive justification and documentation.
  2. The Game Show Challenge (aka) Compounding Trivia- This included a Kahoot It game and a Jeopardy game of pharmacy compounding trivia. 
  3. Innovation Challenge-This was an innovation piece that the team came up with prior to the National competition. It was meant to present a revolutionary technology, delivery system , application, product line or any other innovation that would significantly influence the compounding industry. 

Compounding Challenge

A separate competition was the Head-to-Head Compounding Challenge1 student on each team was selected by their team to face off against students from the other teams. They had 1 hour to create a non-sterile dosage form which they deemed to be the most  suitable based on a physician's scenario. They had to justify in writing their reasoning for the dosage form that they compounded as well as all ingredients in the formulation before time ran out.

Our team chose Rebecca Caughman to go head to head and she WON the competition by the judge's unanimous decision and won our team, including the advisor/coach a trip to the World Compounding Congress in Las Vegas in October 2018!!!

These young ladies represented The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy so well not only with their compounding acumen but with with their degree of professionalism, class, teamwork, integrity and humility!  

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