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College of Pharmacy

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Abdol-Hossein Rezaeian, Ph.D.

Title: Research Assistant Professor
Department: Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences (DDBS)
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 803-777-1891
Office: College of Pharmacy
715 Sumter Street - CLS 618
Columbia, SC 29208
Abdol-Hossein Rezaeian


Ph.D.  Molecular Genetics/Biotechnology, Tokyo University A&T, 2009


Rezaeian completed his Ph.D. with a focus on the pathobiology of the CT/CGRP gene family and related Natural Antisense Transcripts in the brain development at Tokyo University A&T in 2009. He completed postdoctoral training on Molecular and Cellular Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center and was then promoted to Instructor at Department of Molecular Cellular Oncology from 2009 to 2016. 

Rezaeian joined Houston Methodist Research Institute as a Senior Research Associate in 2017 and was awarded an instructor position. He has studied microenvironmental regulation of tumor progression and impact of activating hypoxia signaling pathways during metastatic breast cancer to the brain with related implications for cancer therapeutics.

Rezaeian discovered a novel TRAF6/H2AX/HIF1a signaling pathway which promotes breast tumor metastasis and resistance to DNA damaging therapeutics. He has also developed strategies to simultaneously target both angiogenesis and chemo-resistance in several solid and lymphoid tissue tumor models.

Research Interests

Through outlining various targets regulated by hypoxia, Rezaeian investigates other unique factors and drug targets for deregulation of cancer cell properties such as energy metabolism, metabolic reprogramming, angiogenesis, stemness, growth and differentiation within the complex cross talk in neuro-immune systems. This investigation is also an awakening field because of growing focus on tissue integrity and cancer cell dormancy in triple negative breast cancer with no reliably effective therapeutic options.


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