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College of Pharmacy

Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences is an optional degree awarded from the University of South Carolina at the conclusion of the second professional year of pharmacy school.

UofSC pre-pharmacy students can opt to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences as they work toward their Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) The bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences is awarded at the end of the second professional year of pharmacy school.

While some students opt not to pursue the bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, every pre-pharmacy student at UofSC is admitted into the bachelor's degree program. The coursework so closely follows the pre-pharmacy and professional coursework in the College of Pharmacy that many students only need to take one or two additional courses to earn their bachelor's degree.

Degree Eligibility

Candidates who meet the following criteria are eligible to earn the optional bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  1. Accepted into the Pharm.D. program at the UofSC College of Pharmacy
  2. Completion of the first two years of the Pharm.D. program
  3. Completion of all Carolina Core requirements including: 
    1. Meet the foreign language requirement through one of the following:
      • Earning credit for 109 and 110 in Spanish, French, German or Latin through AP or IB
      • Scoring a 2 or higher for Spanish, French, German or Latin on the foreign language placement test at UofSC
      • Taking two semesters or six hours of Spanish, French, German or Latin for college credit
      • Taking one semester or four hours of Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian
      • While a foreign language is not required for admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, students without AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment credit for a foreign language are strongly encouraged to take the foreign language placement test
    2. Earn three hours of AP, IB, or dual enrollment, or college credit for a 100 level U.S. OR world history course to meet the historical thinking (GHS) requirement
    3. Earn three hours of AP, IB, or dual enrollment, or college credit for a 100 level fine arts course (e.g. music, arts, dance, theatre or film) to meet the aesthetic and interpretive understanding (AIU) requirement
    4. Earn three hours of AP, IB, or dual enrollment, or college credit for a political science or ethics course (i.e. American government) to meet the values, ethics and social responsibility (VSR) requirement

AP, IB, dual enrollment, or college credit for foreign language (GFL), U.S. or world history (GHS), fine arts (AIU), and political science (VSR) may be used to complete liberal arts electives in the pre-pharmacy curriculum at UofSC.

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