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College of Pharmacy

Core Curriculum

One benefit of the optional pharmaceutical sciences degree is that it is earned as a four-year degree as you work toward your ultimate goal: a University of South Carolina Pharm.D. degree. The coursework of both pre-pharmacy and professional years one and two, supplemented with several additional courses, fulfills the degree requirements.

The following is an example of what each semester of a student’s schedule could look like as they pursue the Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

First Year (Pre-Pharmacy Year One)

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 101 (SCI) Biological Principles I 3
BIOL 101L (SCI) Biological Principles I Lab 1
CHEM 111 (SCI) General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 111L (SCI) General Chemistry I Lab 1
ENGL 101 (CMW) Critical Reading & Composition 3
MATH 122 (ARP) Calculus 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 102 Biological Principles II 3
BIOL 102L Biological Principles II Lab 1
CHEM 112 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 112L General Chemistry II Lab 1
ENGL 102 (CMW + INF) Rhetoric & Composition 3
STAT 201 (ARP) Statistics 3


Second Year (Pre-Pharmacy Year Two)

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 243†† Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3
CHEM 333 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM 331L Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
PHYS 201†† General Physics I 3
ECON 224 Introduction to Economics 3
PSYC 101 (GSS) Introduction to Psychology 3

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 244†† Human Anatomy & Physiology II 3
CHEM 334 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM 332L Organic Chemistry II Lab  1
BIOL 250†† Microbiology 3
LIBERAL ARTS ELECTIVE (AIU, VSR, or GHS) †† Public Communication 3
SPCH 140 (CMS) or SAEL 200 (CMS +VSR) 3


Third Year (Professional Year One)

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 602 Foundations of Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I 2
PHMY 607 Dosage Forms & Drug Delivery Systems 4
PHMY 615 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 3
PHMY 621 Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry I 3
PHMY 650 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 2
PHMY 656 Pharmacy Calculations 2
PHMY 671 Compounding & Applied Pharmaceutics Lab 1
PHMY 680 Introduction to Drug Information 1
TOTAL 18 Hours

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 603 Foundations of Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II 3
PHMY 618 Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Personalized Medicine 3
PHMY 624 Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry II 3
PHMY 657 Medical Terminology 1
PHMY 661 Clinical Applications II 1
PHMY 670 Intro. to Community Pharmacy Lab I 1
PHMY 690 Transforming Health Care 1
PHMY 750 Self-Care & Complimentary Medicines 4
TOTAL 17 Hours

Summer Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 699 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Community 4


Fourth Year (Professional Year Two)

Fall Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 610 Microbiology & Immunology 4
PHMY 710 Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics 3
PHMY 722 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I 3
PHMY 760 Clinical Applications III 1
PHMY 772 Pharmacotherapy I 4
PHMY 790 Introduction to Health Systems Lab 1
Elective* 1-3
TOTAL 17-19 Hours

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 723 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II 2
PHMY 761 Clinical Applications IV 1
PHMY 773 Pharmacotherapy II 5
PHMY 780 Outcomes Design and Assessment 3
PHMY 890 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3
PHMY 791 Applied Health Systems Lab 1
Elective* 1-3
TOTAL 16-18 Hours

Summer Semester

Course Credit Hours
PHMY 798 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Hospital 4


Pre-Pharmacy majors must earn a grade of C or higher in all coursework in the pre-pharmacy curriculum. Students must be accepted into the Pharm.D. program at USC to take professional coursework in years three and four. 

† University 101 is recommended as an elective for new freshmen.

†† Liberal Arts electives such as the following that fulfill Carolina Core & Pre-Pharmacy credits are strongly recommended:

Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (AIU)– 100-200 level fine arts courses in music, film, dance, theatre, art, or literature

Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding (GHS) – 100 history courses

Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (VSR) - political science or ethics courses 

  • To view AIU, GHS, and VSR courses that fulfill the Carolina Core, please refer to the listing of Foundational Courses.    
  • Pre-Pharmacy students may use equivalent AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment coursework to fulfill Carolina Core credit 

††† Labs are not required for BIOL 243, BIOL 244, PHYS 201 or BIOL 250.

To take Chemistry 111, students must place into MATH 122 or 141, have prior credit for Calculus (IB, AP, or dual enrollment) or have taken College Algebra (at an accredited college or university) prior to the start of their first semester at USC.

Students may take MATH 122 or 141 to fulfill the Calculus requirement.

A foreign language is not required for pre-pharmacy majors; it is required for the Carolina Core if a student transfers into another major. Students are required to take the foreign language placement test; a score of a 2 or higher is recommended.

All transfer students entering with credit for ENGL 102 are required to take the one-hour LIBR 101 course to fulfill the Information Literacy (INF) requirement.

STAT 201 will need to be taken in the summer if not previously completed by the end of first pre-pharmacy year. STAT 205 will also fulfill the statistics requirement.

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