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College of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical science is an important and growing field of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical scientists work in the discovery, development and testing of medications.

While pharmacists focus on patient care and treatment using drugs, there’s a branch of pharmacy that’s highly research and development focused: pharmaceutical science. Pharmaceutical scientists are critical to the process of developing new drugs. They spend most of their time completing research in a laboratory or office setting.

The University of South Carolina offers pharmaceutical science degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. level. Your degree will be a first step in a career that’s focused on the discovery, development and production of new drug therapies and how our bodies interact with them.

Candidates holding an advanced degree in pharmaceutical sciences will be prepared for a variety of careers. They can join the pharmaceutical industry in research, sales or consulting, or pursue research or instruction at academic institutions. Pharmaceutical scientists can also become part of a regulatory governmental agency (such as the Food and Drug Administration), work in a toxicology laboratory or work with drug and law enforcement.

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