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College of Pharmacy

Degree Progression

The College of Pharmacy's master’s program accommodates the diverse opportunities of the pharmaceutical sciences field. In pursuit of an advanced degree from UofSC, candidates will conduct original research and contribute literature within their area of expertise.

Candidacy for the master’s program is a two-part process. Part one is satisfied by the successful completion of three core courses in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics and pharmacology. With the core courses complete, part two of the process is divided into the following four segments: the selection of a research adviser, selection of a graduate committee, submission of your program of study and submission and defense of your initial research proposal (IRP).

The master’s degree program must be completed within six years. Credit toward degree completion will not be granted for courses taken six or more years ago. 

Admission to Master's Candidacy

All students must be admitted to candidacy in order to pursue a master’s degree at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. The two-part process is as follows:

Part 1

Completion of core coursework including PHAR 703, PHAR 725 and PHAR 738.

Part 2

Completion of the following four segments:

  1. Selection of a Research Adviser
    Research adviser selection should occur by the beginning of the second year. The student must notify the graduate director in writing of his or her selection using the Research Adviser Selection form [pdf].
  2. Selection of Graduate Committee
    The committee is selected by the end of the second semester and usually includes three pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences faculty members: the research adviser, a second member within the specialty and a faculty member from outside the specialty. A faculty chairperson will lead the committee; however, it cannot be the student’s research adviser. The student must notify the graduate director in writing of the committee’s composition using the G-DCA Doctoral Committee Appointment Request form [pdf].
  3. Submission of Program of Study
    A program of study must be submitted to the College of Pharmacy's graduate program director by the end of the second semester. The adviser and the student should jointly select the topic.
  4. Submission and Defense of initial research proposal (IRP)
    The student will present the IRP to the graduate committee and defend the proposal during an oral examination by the committee; the oral examination must be completed by the end of the third semester.

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