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College of Pharmacy

Degree Requirements

Graduate students at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy will be exposed to interdisciplinary training and education in pursuit of an advanced degree. It’s coursework that begins with core classes in the first year and continues through original thesis development and writing.

To earn a master's degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, students must successfully complete at least 30 hours of graduate coursework. At least one-half of the credit hours will be in 700-level and above courses and do not include thesis preparation hours.

Departmental Seminar Courses
Candidates for the master's degree in all specialty areas except pharmaceutics are required to complete two departmental seminar courses — PHAR 712A and 712B — for a maximum of two credit hours total. Pharmaceutics students must earn a maximum of three hours of seminar credit by completing PHAR 712A, 712B and 712C.

Electives are selected based on a student’s area of emphasis: biomedicinal chemistry, synthetic medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics or pharmacology. Electives, which must be approved by the Ph.D. advisory committee and graduate program director, must be 700 level and above, or courses approved for graduate credit by the Graduate School.

All students must submit a thesis based upon original research that fulfills the requirements of the Graduate School plus a manuscript(s) for publication prior to awarding of the degree. No more than six hours of credit for PHAR 799 will be allowed for thesis research and writing.

Required Courses and Credits

Course Credit Hours
PHAR 700 Principles of Pharmacology, Med. Chem., and Pharmaceutics 4
PHAR 701 Current Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences 4
PHAR 712A Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences 1
PHAR 712B Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences 1
PHAR 799 Thesis Preparation 9

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