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College of Pharmacy

Community Residency (PGY-1)

Community pharmacy residents often have the opportunity to practice basic professional skills as well as develop and implement innovative patient care programs within the community setting.

The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy offers or is affiliated with residency programs in both hospital settings and community settings. While hospital residents develop practice skills in differentiated areas of a healthcare setting, community pharmacy residents develop and implement patient care programs within a community environment.

The community residency program provides you with the opportunity to develop and enhance clinical skills; to evaluate, develop, expand and implement patient care programs and to gain leadership and management skills within a community pharmacy practice.

Aspects of Learning Experiences

40% – Patient Care Services
20%Dispensing and Operational Services
10%Teaching and Training
15%Practice management
10%Project Development and Assessment

Practice Sites

Barney’s Pharmacy
Residents have opportunities to enhance and add new clinical services at Barney’s Pharmacy. Gain experience in aspects of patient care including immunizations, disease state management, pharmacy and medical clinic education, medication therapy management, health screenings and insulin pump training.

Medicine Mart Pharmacy
Founded in 1982 by alumnus Lynn Connelly, the Medicine Mart Pharmacy residency provides traditional dispensing services plus disease state education, medication therapy management, immunizations, 340B pharmacy services and health screenings.