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College of Pharmacy

Students, donors, and faculty posing for photo

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White Coat Fund

The white coat placed on each future pharmacist is more than a familiar lab coat - it is a cloak of competence, character, and community. Providing white coats to incoming pharmacy students has been our annual tradition for many years thanks to your generous support.

About the White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is an annual tradition and educational milestone for pharmacy students as they begin their training at the University of South Carolina. Our incoming class gathers in the presence of their families, mentors, faculty members and guests to formally receive the cloak of their future profession – the white coat – and you help make that a reality.

Gifts to the Pharmacy White Coat Fund can be made throughout the year and are used to purchase white coats for our first-year pharmacy students. Gifts can be made online at

Thank You to Our 2020 White Coat Donors

Amber M. Albertson

Ares and Brenda Artemes

Jennifer L. Baker

Tony C. Bartley

Nancy Farmer Beale

Michael K. Bedenbaugh

Elizabeth W. Blake

Nicole and Brandon Bookstaver

Debra and Paul Bookstaver

Liz Boudreaux

Gail and Wayne Buff

Dennis W. Burdette

Dan Bushardt

Kathy B. Campbell

Stephen and Rita Coggins

Frances Owen Connelly

Lynn Connelly

Ken and Susan Couch

Kim E. Creek

Marion Richter Crowell

Jill and Stephen Cutler

Robert E. Davis
in honor of CharLeigh Steverson

Michele A. DelleBovi

Terry Dixon

Christine F. Edie

Mary Anne Ehasz
in memory of her son Andrew Ehasz ('86)

Derek Ekaitis
in memory of Dr. Craig R. Roberson ('13)

Thomas Evans

Federal Pharmacy Association
Columbia SC Chapter

Julian H. Fincher

David J. Foreman

Steven B. Frazier
in honor of Brice A. Laney

Thomas and Mary Jo Fuller

Joanna F. Giudice

Donald A. Godwin

Allison A. Gratton

Amy D. Grant

Nancy E. Gregory
in memory of George A. Gregory ('59)

Richard B. Gunter

Herbert J. Hames

Benjamin H. Hamilton

Yorika Hammett

Jillian E. Hayes

John R. Hickman, III

Parks and Carol Hill

Carolyn and Eric Holgate

Susan and John Holladay

Jon C. Howell

Roy E. Hudgens

Lynn Hutchinson

Marvin A. Hyatt

Cory M. Jenks

JMR Corporation, Inc.

Minou Khazan

Maribeth Kowalski

Patti T. Langston
in honor of Sydney Fafinski

Ashley R. Leaphart

Teresa Link
in honor of Ares and Brenda Artemes

Eugene P. Long

James A. Long

Meg Lorick

Morgan L. Mace

Caitlin M. Mardis

Diane and Andy McColl

Sara and Jonathan McFall

Kyle and Pame McHugh

Medicine Mart

Jill E. Michels

Mary Milliones

L. Megan Montgomery

Freddie H. Moore

Donna and Wade Moose

Emily Moose

Harry W. Muldrow, Jr.

Sarah R. Mullis

Jennifer Musgrave

Toni P. Odom

Sarah B. Ortmann

Stan Papajohn

Amit B. Patel

Peak Pharmacy

Vuong D. Pham

Douglas Pittman

William P. Pitts

Carlotta W. Porterfield

John W. Pugh

Myra Randolph
in honor of Caitlin Dreher

Ashley and Buck Ray

Ryan F. Reddick

Nancy and Gene Reeder

Jerry W. Robinson

Tammie D. Robinson

John F. Roche

Julie M. Sease

Eduardo A. Seijo

Elizabeth H. Seijo

Poojah J. Shah

Beth and Mitchell Sherr
in memory of Scott Sherr ('83)

James F. Shuler, Jr.

Sarah O. Sipes

Ashley B. Smith

H. J. Smith

Mary Jo Smith-Dyches

Monette T. Sox

Merian S. Stallings

Carolyn Stevenson

Nancy P. Tam-Hui

Janet N. Thames

Jarrod Tippins

Megan and Sean Tran

Jeffery C. Tuori

Linda Vilaivanh

Donna J. Walker

Jeanette H. Walker

Lee S. Waller

Sarah K. Waller

Debby and Ted Williams

Marjorie S. Wright

Jody Yates



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