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Pre-Award Services

Research Support strives to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and excellence of PI proposal applications. However, given an ever-increasing number of applications being submitted, we request that PIs use GAs, Departmental or Center staff to transcribe routine-forms and -parts of applications, so Research Support efforts can focus on addressing and solving  technical uncertainties and questions by more-experienced PIs, as well as providing assistance and instruction for ‘first-timers’.  Examples are provided below.

Department and Center Staff

Office of Research Support Staff

Develop proposal budgets for investigators and/or assist with proposal budget development. Train /advise departmental staff on proposal budget development.
Assist investigators filling in routine forms, including USCeRA, Biosketch, Current/Pending Support, and packages. Check accuracy of routine forms and values (e.g. USCeRA, Biosketch, Current/Pending, packages.
Serve as liaisons with subawardees during proposal development process. Provide boilerplate information and examples for proposals.
Manage/ monitor sponsored award budgets. Train and advise departmental staff on sponsored award budget management issues.
  Generate and provide data for reports regarding sponsored awards/other research activities in ASPH.
  Class presentations and workshops on grant application development and pre-submission routing procedures (as requested by faculty who are training student researchers on how to properly submit grant applications).
  Organize and facilitate Grant Support Network
  Provide update information to ASPH concerning sponsored award policies and procedures via emails, newsletter, and workshops.
  Arrange pre-submission peer reviews of major grant applications, by request and approval.
  Serve as School liaison to Sponsored Awards Management Office (SAM) to facilitate sponsored award procedures (incl. USCeRA affiliation updates).
  Work closely with SAM to review/facilitate/ troubleshoot pre-submission routing, review and approval of grant contract applications submitted by ASPH investigators. Sign-off (approve) proposals for ASPH.

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