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Arnold School of Public Health

Speech Perception Laboratory

The Speech Perception Laboratory is directed by Dan Fogerty, Ph.D. Research projects in the laboratory seek to define how basic properties of speech contribute to speech understanding under a variety of complex and adverse listening conditions.

We are particularly interested in how age, hearing loss, and cognitive function influence a listener’s ability to use these speech properties. The goal of projects in the laboratory is to identify the most important cues for listeners to use in different listening conditions in order to improve the programming of speech transmission technologies (i.e., hearing aids, cochlear implants, cell phones) and design of training protocols.

Speech Fragments

Figure: Highlighted in red are spectro-temporal speech fragments (or “glimpses”) available at favorable signal-to-noise ratios during competing “restaurant” noise. What acoustic properties are essential for speech intelligibility under such listening conditions? How do acoustic and linguistic properties interact to facilitate speech understanding? How might we maximize these cues via advanced signal processing or auditory/cognitive training?

Our lab recruits young, normal-hearing listeners (18-30 years of age) and older adults with normal or impaired hearing (60-89 years). If you are interested in participating in a future research project, please contact the laboratory (803-777-6956). Research studies typically consist of listening to speech or auditory signals over headphones and reporting what you heard.

Dan Fogerty, Ph.D.
Director, Speech Perception Laboratory
Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208


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