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Arnold School of Public Health

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After five years renting space for COMD's offices, labs, student areas, and USC Speech and Hearing Research Center on the corner of Lady/Sumter, we are moving back to the USC campus. Planned for June, 2019, this move will provide an additional, much-needed 4,000 square feet of clinical and research space while putting an end to expensive annual rental fees. It will also bring all of our faculty together in the same space, the Close-Hipp building. 

Montgomery Clinic

The Center will be coming with and will remain a part of the department, but we are renaming it the Montgomery Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic in honor of Dr. Al (current research professor) and Mrs. Marcia (retired clinical instructor) Montgomery, who made this move possible with their lead gift. We are still looking for more support to complete the move so please visit this site often and join our Facebook page for updates on our progress and to learn about opportunities to be involved.  

Move News


Move Timeline

June, 2017

Thanks to a generous lead gift made by Al and Marsha Montgomery, approximately 3/4 of the second floor in the Close-Hipp building has been secured for the use of the COMD department. 

May, 2018

COMD/USC hires POND & Company, an architecture and engineering firm, to design the space, reconfirgure the floor plan, and decorate the waiting area.

August, 2018

Request to hire construction company.

Mid-December, 2018-Mid January, 2019

Anticipated start of construction.

May, 2019

Move into the Close-Hipp Building


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Pre-Construction Videos