Reasons to donate blood

Next week is the 31st Annual Carolina-Clemson Blood Drive. Sponsored by the Greek Programming Board, the drive seeks to raise awareness about the importance of giving blood. UofSC has won for the past six years, so help continue the streak. Beating Clemson is one reason, but here are three other reasons to donate blood.

Save a life
Someone needs blood every two seconds in the United States. Giving a little bit of your time can have a monumental impact.  

Reduce your chances of a heart attack
Studies show that donating blood reduces iron levels, decreasing your chances of having a heart attack (especially in men). 

Raise awareness, increase word of mouth
The act of donating blood is extremely helpful, but talking about it is also important. If you talk to a friend about donating blood, you could encourage them to do the same. If you post any pictures of you giving blood, use the hashtag: #CCBD.

Support your school
We are passionate about the cause, but this is a great way to do something good while beating Clemson (again). UofSC has won the blood drive for the past seven years. Historically speaking, the drive has been responsible for 100,000 pints of blood helping 300,000 people in need.  

Because some people can’t
Not everyone can give blood, there are many different eligibility requirements. If you’re able to give blood, do it! It’s a great way to serve someone in need. Learn about eligibility requirements of giving blood.

Snacks and T-shirts
In college it’s hard to turn down free food and T-shirts. If you donate blood you get both.

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