All disciplines on display at Discovery Day

When you think research, you think lab coats and beakers. But the Office of Undergraduate Research promotes “discovery for every discipline,” including science and technology, of course, but also arts, humanities, community service, study abroad, leadership, internships and more. All of these fields will be represented at Discovery Day, 8:15 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Friday (April 22) in the Russell House Ballroom. 

This year’s event will feature a record-high 600 presentations showcasing students’ scholarly pursuits in and beyond the classroom. Here are a few you might find interesting.

Creighton Boggs, a senior political science major, will present her South Carolina Honors College thesis project, "Tale as Old as Time: Storytelling and The Art of Dark Ride Design." She will discuss the history and development the dark ride, a type of indoor amusement ride. She’ll also  present her own proposal for a dark ride, complete with concept art and a scale model. 

Senior Taylor Tynes, a studio arts-painting major, has spent time studying fresco painting, an ancient process for painting into wet plaster. The technique can be traced back to ancient civilizations, and few artists use the process today. The culmination of Tynes’s research will be a fresco painting in the Presidents House garden. 

Laquita Grissett, a senior biological sciences major, will discuss her research to determine whether plants that are close relatives to one another have the ability to recognize specific chemicals that are found in the oral secretions of herbivores (e.g. caterpillars). To conduct experiments, she grew tomato, potato and tobacco plants, which all belong to the same plant family, wounded the plant leaves and applied the oral secretion components to the wound sites. 

With his poster presentation, senior Collin Richardson, a music education-strings major, will explain how the USC String Project, a nationally recognized "teacher-in-training" model program, provides accessible string education to the community while providing teaching experience to music education majors, preparing them for future teaching careers.

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