Resources for Your Resolutions

Coming up with New Year's Resolutions is easy, but following through on them can be hard, especially for college students. To help you on your way, we've come up with some tips and resources that might just give you the boost you need to accomplish those goals you’ve been putting off for years.

Save Money

Envelopes. Yes, envelopes. Mark an envelope with something you’re trying to save up for: a trip, a sweater or a new phone. Gradually add money to the envelope until you reach the goal. If you have spring break plans, mark that envelope and start saving now!

Spending Tracker, Money, Money Box and Level Money are all money saving apps you can use to help with reaching your goals. Money Box works because it’s specifically for things people like to save up for and helps shoppers visualize how much progress they have made. 

Right here on campus you can get help to learn how to budget for a goal. Make an appointment with the Student Success Center for a financial literacy consultation or check out their quick guide. They also have an Emergency Loan Program when unexpected circumstances come up and short term financial assistance is needed.

Try Something New

Actually do it this year! If you’ve ever wanted to try an exercise class, UofSC has what you're looking for. Have you been wanting to try some new recipes? The College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management offers Chef de Jour cooking classes, so take advantage of those. If you’ve been trying to volunteer more, join other UofSC students for Service Saturday.

Stay Healthy

That doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym more. Just take care of yourself, body and mind. The Student Health Center offers a number of resources to help improve your nutrition, physical activity and exercise, sexual health and relationships and moreThe Heatlhy Carolina Farmers Market on Greene Street and Soda City market on Main Street offer good food and food that's good for you — without breaking the bank!

Do Well in School

Oh, yeah...when you find time between working out, having a social life and working at your part-time job, don’t forget about the homework assignment that’s due. Managing time is hard! Thank goodness you can make an appointment with a Success Consultant to help figure out the best way to balance it all. 

Good luck!

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