A message from the City of Columbia

City Manager Teresa Wilson reminds students to be good citizens of Columbia during the storm.

The City of Columbia wants to remind students of the importance of being good citizens of our City and helping join us in preparing for the impact of Hurricane Irma.  It is important to remember during times of inclement weather, avoid flood prone areas and NEVER try to navigate through flood waters, as that puts your life as well as the life of our first responders in harm’s way.  

In addition, you are encouraged to help keep the drains freely flowing by disposing of your trash in a container and not on the ground where it could wash into the drainage system and contribute to flooding issues.  While you are at USC, you are a City of Columbia citizen and we appreciate your contribution in helping us protect and maintain our wonderful City. 

Stay safe and Go Gamecocks - Beat Missouri!


Teresa Wilson, City Manager
USC Alumni, 1996 BS, 1999 JD

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