October Monthly Tips

  • Parents Association. If you haven’t already, join the dues-free Parents Association! You’ll receive monthly e-newsletters from the Office of Parent & Family Programs to keep you updated. It’s the best way for parents and families to stay connected to Carolina!

  • Carolina Alert. All students should sign up for Carolina Alert to receive emergency communication by text message and email. If parents/family members would like to receive the alerts, additional spaces are available in the student's account to add a parent/family member's email address and/or cell phone number.

  • Counseling. Sometimes students feel overwhelmed during midterms. If your student needs to talk with someone about how they are feeling, encourage them to make an appointment with Counseling & Psychiatry.
  • Fall break. Fall break is Oct. 18-19. Talk with your student about their plans during the break. Many students will plan a trip home or to visit friends at another university. Student Government offers a shuttle to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport during fall break, so encourage your student to make a reservation if they would like to ride the shuttle.

  • Flu vaccines. Student Health Services has the flu vaccine. At no cost to your student – they will file the vaccine with your student’s insurance, so they will need to bring their insurance card. No appointment is needed. Students can walk in to the Center for Health and Well-Being and let the front desk know they would like to get the flu vaccine.

  • Student Success Center. As midterm exams and projects approach, encourage your student to visit the Student Success Center for tutoring, supplemental instruction, and assistance with study skills.

  • Test strategy workshops. Is your student preparing for the GRE, GMAT or LSAT? Learn more about the test strategy workshops available through Continuing Education and Conferences.

  • Undergraduate Admissions. Have a high school senior interested in attending the University of South Carolina? The Early Answer Application Deadline for Undergraduate Admissions is Oct. 21.