Webinar: Asking for what you need

Say What You Mean the Right Way - Healthy Forms of Communication

Whether it’s a promotion you deserve or more support from your partner with household duties, it can be challenging to express your needs effectively. Miscommunication or avoiding these tough conversations can lead to frustration and feelings of resentment. Explore how you can use communication to strengthen your relationships.

This online seminar may be accessed anytime starting December 18, and no registration is necessary. 

How to join the seminar:

  1. Log into the Employee Assistance Program website using the username “USC” and password “guest”
  2. Once you are logged in, scroll down and you will see “Online Seminars” in the middle of the page.

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Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has many other resources to help you learn strategies to ask for what you need from your partner, your family or your workplace. Log into the EAP website (mygroup.com) and you will find articles on communication, relationships and workplace success, audio on assertiveness, skill builder training on effective communication, and information on goal setting.

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