Campus Conversation: Ian Bain

"I am the farmers market and sales manager for Sustainable Carolina – we sell produce from our garden at every market. My favorite part of the farmers market is the healthy snacks that the Carolina Food Co. and Healthy Carolina give out. They’re always delicious and they use ingredients that you wouldn’t usually run into. They also share their recipes for their snacks and they are a ton of fun to make at home – my recent favorite is their kale and pomegranate salad. New vendors come to the market every week and there is a huge variety of things to buy. Whether you are looking for lunch, produce, coffee or even soap, the farmers market has you covered, and it’s all from local businesses. There are a ton of ways to live a healthy lifestyle on campus. The dining halls have plenty of options for healthy and delicious food, and the Carolina Food Co. does a great job at providing well-balanced meals. I definitely recommend mixing up your meals and trying new places to eat, as well as making an effort to get a serving of vegetables in every meal. Exercise is also a key part of healthy living, so take advantage of Blatt and Strom and, even if it’s just a quick run, try to make a workout a part of your routine. Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time, and everyone has room to improve, but setting small goals and starting healthy habits will make it much easier."

—  Ian Bain, junior chemistry and math major


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