Campus Conversation: Dawson Tate

"All throughout my life I have felt a call to help and teach people the things that I am passionate about. Being who I am today, I see that kids have such opportunity in life, and being able to grow with them and find their own passions is what I strive for. I ultimately want them to learn how to enjoy both education and themselves. After graduating, I plan to continue my education and pursue a master’s in education, and eventually a doctorate in education administration. My hope is to return to my hometown and teach for a few years and eventually take on the role of being a principal at my high school and maybe one day being a superintendent. Though these goals seem ambitious, I just want to be able to give back to the community I grew up in. 

Being first generation has given me such a greater appreciation for college education. I hope that when I do become an educator, I can inspire my students to pursue further education in a field that they love. Whatever you do in life, find your passion and truly commit yourself to it, and you will find success and happiness."

-Dawson Tate, junior education major

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