Campus Conversation: Ananda Kobierowski

Amanda Kobierowski

"Here on campus, I am a peer leader for University 101. My job is to help first-year students get accustomed to college life. University 101 helps to make our large university seem smaller and give freshmen a community within a classroom setting. Something special about my U101 class is I have an SJMC section which means all my freshmen have majors within the journalism school. This is unique because they are creating a community within their major and all in similar classes. My favorite part of being a peer leader is seeing our U101 family form.

After graduation, my goals have changed from what they have previously been. I am currently in a producing class as a journalism elective, but through this class, I have figured out that I love producing and structuring newscasts. I would love to be a producer after graduation.

I know my campus involvement will help me in the future. I have to be organized and manage the classroom, and producers have to have strong leadership and organizational skills. Through being a peer leader, I have learned how to give constructive criticism to individuals in authority, be vocal about my ideas, and be flexible when things don't go the way you planned."

-Ananda Kobierowski, senior journalism major

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