Campus Conversation: Brendan Cahill

"I wanted to get involved as a U101 peer leader because I absolutely loved U101 when I took it and my peer leader was so helpful. It’s a unique class in that there’s an emphasis on building a community and making friends that will last for the rest of your time in college. U101 also provides you with useful information and tips on how to succeed well after your freshman year and allows you to focus on your mental well being, which I appreciated so much during my first semester.

I knew from very early on that I wanted to give that same experience for a group of new students. What I love most about my role as a peer leader is getting to help facilitate presentations from a student perspective. Of course, faculty members cannot help in specific capacities in topics such as off-campus housing, and so I find these presentations super rewarding. My class also just has such a great energy (shoutout) and I also get to co-instruct with the same professor I had as a freshman — Paige.

My best piece of advice for freshman is that embarrassment is a social construct, and you have to literally choose to be embarrassed to feel it. Rather, I think it's healthy to come to the realization that in reality, nobody’s opinions of you or expectations of you matter. You need to do what makes YOU happy!"

— Brendan Cahill, junior international business and management-consulting major

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