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International Relations and the Challenge of Postmodernism
Defending the Discipline

D. S. L. Jarvis

Assesses current poststructural and postmodern theories and defends international relations as a discipline

Promising to stimulate discussion among those who celebrate the arrival of the "Third Debate" and those who fear its colonization and spread, D. S. L. Jarvis offers an innovative and highly controversial appraisal of the various postmodern and poststructural theories currently sweeping the discipline of International Relations. Tracing the development, importation, and application of these new epistemologies, Jarvis develops a series of critical typologies so that scholars working in International Relations can assess the utility of these new theoretical media for understanding international political relations at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

D. S. L. Jarvis is a lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations, Faculty of Economics, Politics and Business at the University of Sydney, Australia.



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6 X 9
288 pages
ISBN 978-1-57003-305-6
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Studies in International Relations

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