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Schedule subject to change
All events at the Russell House Theater, unless noted otherwise

Titles in red are new 35mm prints from the Fox Movietone Newsreel collection,
presented and preserved by Orphan Film Symposium sponsoring labs.

Click here for papers on several of the new Fox Movietone prints (written by graduate students from NYU).

Wednesday, March 24   


     8:00 pm     SCREENING: “Local Orphans Make Good” (Russell House Theater)


                Dedication of ‘Park Row’  (Hollywood, 1928)  

         Restored by Universal Studios’ BluWave Audio and Cineric

                        Introduced by Tom Regal and Chip Wilkinson


Anderson ‘Our Gang’  (Anderson, SC, 1926) and an excerpt from

Things You Ought to Know about . . . Anderson 1935

                        Introduced by Harry Osteen


the newest orphan film on the National Film Registry

                Fox Movietone News: Jenkins Orphanage Band  (Charleston, SC, 1928) 

            Restored by Universal Studios and Film Technology Co.

Introduced by Julie Hubbert (USC School of Music)

Karen Chandler (Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, College of Charleston)

Jack McCray (The Post and Courier)


Martin Luther King on Voting (Kingstree, SC, 1966) WIS-TV newsfilm

35mm blowup by Monaco Film / Interformat

Introduced by Bobby Donaldson (USC History & African American Studies)


H. Lee Waters’ Movies of Local People (Kannapolis, NC, 1939)  

Preserved by Colorlab for Duke University Library

Introduced by Tom Waters


         Light Is Calling  (Hypnotic Pictures, 2003) 

Introduced by filmmaker Bill Morrison (New York, NY)


10:00 and 10:15 pm Shuttles to Hampton Inn

THURSDAY, March 25


8:15 and 8:30 am  Shuttles from Hampton Inn to Russell House Theater


9:00 am           Introductions


New Years Greetings from Different Nations (1929) restored by Summit Film Labs

Remarks by Russ Scheller  

               NYC Street Scenes and Noises (1929) preserved by Cinetech

            Introduced by Jeff Martin (NYU MIAP Program)                                      

               Round the World Trip Made by Two Girls (1934) preserved by Summit Film Labs


Dan Streible (USC Film Studies Program)  

Susan Courtney (USC Film Studies Program)


9:30-11:15 am Mapping Landscapes


Rick Prelinger (Prelinger Archives), “Orphan Films as Evidence of Lost Landscapes”

Melinda Stone (University of San Francisco), “The California Tour:  Ambient Films, Abandoned Drive-ins”

Laura Kissel (USC Media Arts), “Satellite to Super 8:  Looking at Cabin Field”




11:30 am - 12:30 pm Keynote


Hamid Naficy (Rice University), “Exilic Filmmakers and ‘Accented’ Cinema”


Lunch at Preston Dining Hall, Russell House


2-3:45 pm        Rediscovering the Mitchell & Kenyon Films


Vanessa Toulmin (University of Sheffield), “The Itinerant Film Productions of Mitchell & Kenyon, 1900-1907”

Tom Gunning (University of Chicago), “Factory Gate Films and British Showman Cinema”

William O’Farrell (National Archives of Canada), “Preserving Early Nitrate”




4-5:45 pm        Itinerants of the 1930s and 40s


Gregory A. Waller (Indiana University), “Movies on the Road: Robert Southard and Traveling Film Exhibition, 1933-1949”

Dwight Swanson (Midwest Media Archives Alliance) and Caroline Frick (University of Texas at Austin),  “’See Yourself on the Screen’: Local Stars, Itinerant Films and Complicating Film History”

Karen Glynn (Duke University) and Russ Suniewick (Colorlab),                        

“H. Lee Waters’ Movies of Local People: New 16mm Prints”


5:45 and 6:00 pm  Shuttles to Hampton Inn / City Art Gallery


6:00 pm           Dinner Reception at City Art Gallery  (1224 Lincoln St.)

Teri Tynes, curator, “On Location: Place & Region in a Digital Age,” group exhibit of contemporary visual artists

Ron Hagell (University of London), Cupboard Frames, digital video installation using Edison Kinetoscope films


7:45 and 8:00 pm    Shuttle to Russell House Theater


8:15 pm           SCREENING:  Serpents, Cosmonauts and Juke Joints  

presented by AMIA Regional Audio-Visual Archives


Brian Graney (New Mexico State Archives), curator

         Introductions by

Bradley Reeves (East Tennessee State University)

Bj┐rn S┐renssen (University of Trondheim)

Stephen Parr (Oddball Film + Video)

Elena Rossi-Snook (Donnell Media Center)


Films from Archives of Appalachia (Johnson City, TN), North West Film Archive (Manchester, UK), the Tyler, Texas Black Film Collection, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), New Mexico State Records Center and Archives (Santa Fe, NM), the municipal cinemas of Trondheim (Norwegian National Library, Mo i Rana), Scottish Screen Archive (Glasgow), New York Public Library, and San Francisco Media Archive.


+ Jeff Lambert (National Film Preservation Foundation), recognizing the creators of The Film Preservation Guide: The Basics for Archives, Libraries, and Museums.   


10:15 and 10:30 pm Shuttles to Hampton Inn



FRIDAY, March 26


8:15 and 8:30 am Shuttles from Hampton Inn to Russell House


9-10:45 am      Hollywood’s Industrial Spaces


Building the Hollywoodland Sign (1923) print by Cineric

made possible by the Academy Film Archive


Amelie Hastie (UC Santa Cruz), “Invisible Inscriptions: Mapping Ida Lupino’s Television Work"

Julia Zay (Evergreen State College) and Irene Gustafson (UC Santa Cruz), “The Space of the Screen Test”

Sophia Siddique Harvey (University of Southern California), “The Nature of the Beast: Horror of the Blood Monsters, Tagani  and the Politics of Consumption”




11-12:45          Race & Space


Rachael Langford (Cardiff University), “False Memory Syndrome? Space in the Amateur Films of French Colonialism vs. Contemporary Francophone African Film”

Jacqueline Stewart (University of Chicago), “Rev. Harold Anderson’s Films of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, 1948-52” 

Ruta Abolins & Margaret A. Compton (University of Georgia Media Archives), “Martin Luther King and the Albany Movement: Archival Newsfilm from WALB-TV, 1961-62”

Esther C. M. Yau (Occidental College, Los Angeles), moderator


Lunch at Preston Dining Hall, Russell House


1:55 pm        Walk to School Of Music (corner of Assembly St. & College St.)


2:15-4:15 pm  SCREENING:  The Fall of Jerusalem

in the School of Music Recital Hall


                  Jewish Children Donate Toys to Jerusalem Orphans (Chicago, 1920) 

                        preserved by Technicolor Creative Services, Colleen Simpson


                   “Bagdad, Turkey:  The City of Bagdad” (1924) 

preserved by Film Technology, Alan Stark


                  Cairo Street Scenes (1928)  preserved by FotoKem, Peter Eaves


                  Jerusalem Street Scenes (1929) preserved by Film Technology  


                  The Fall of Jerusalem (191?/192?)

Introduced by Karan Sheldon (Northeast Historic Film)

                        Dennis James (Silent Film Productions) on the pipe organ   

Julie Hubbert, moderator




4:30-5:30         The Strange Case of The Fall of Jerusalem  


Jan-Christopher Horak (UCLA/Hollywood Entertainment Museum),

“States Rights, Orphans and Film Identification”


            Eileen Bowser (curator emerita, Museum of Modern Art)

            Antonia Lant (New York University)

            Charles Musser (Yale University)


5:30 and 5:45 pm Shuttles to Hampton Inn / Vista restaurants


Dinner on your own


7:30 and 7:45 pm    Shuttles from Hampton Inn to Russell House


8:00 pm           SCREENING:  Space Explorations


World’s Youngest Acrobat  (1929) preserved by Colorlab


Nico de Klerk (Netherlands Film Museum)

“Where to Place the Camera?” 24 Biograph Films, 1896-1901

            Ernie Gehr (San Francisco Art Institute)

                        Side/Walk/Shuttle (1991) 

            Scott Stark (Flicker)

                        Hotel Cartograph (1983, 16mm)

                        Under a Blanket of Blue (1996, Super 8mm)

                        SLOW (2001, mini-DV)

            Laura Kissel, moderator


10:15 and 10:30 pm Shuttles to Hampton Inn 



SATURDAY, March 27


8:15 and 8:30 am Shuttles from Hampton Inn to Russell House


9:00đ11:00 am  Travel & Tourism


Javanese Dancers (1929) preserved by Technicolor Creative Services

Introduced by Tanisha Jones (NYU MIAP Program) and Colleen Simpson


Amy Staples (Smithsonian Fellow), “The Safari Adventure:  Imagining Africa in Popular Travel Films”

Snowden Becker (Academy Film Archive), “Hardly Ever at Home: The Travel Films of Dr. Harold Lincoln Thompson”

Jennifer Lei Jenkins (University of Arizona), “Domesticating the Desert: Western Ways Features” 

Devin Orgeron (NC State University), “Mobile Home Movies: Amateur Cinematography and Technologies of Transportation”

            Jennifer Lynn Peterson (UC Riverside), moderator




11:15-1:00 pm Home & Hometown


Mrs. Harding - "Cameraman”?  (1922)

Mrs. Coolidge  “Shooting” President Coolidge  (1928) 

preserved by Triage Motion Picture Services


Michael Aronson (University of Oregon), “Charlie Silveus Makes a Quotidian Spectacle: Waynesburg, PA, 1914-1927”

Simone Pyne (University of East Anglia) & Louisa Trott (University of Brighton), “Local Colour: The Emergence of Dufaycolor in East Anglia”

Marsha Orgeron (NC State University), “Imagining that Place Called Home: Luring the Family Outside in Mid-Century Washington D.C.”


Lunch at Preston Dining Hall, Russell House


2-3:45 pm       Experimental Locations


 “Looney Lens” (1924-27) preserved by the Library of Congress

remarks by Cooper Graham (Library of Congress)


Andrew Lampert (Anthology Film Archives / Selznick School of Film Preservation), “The Theodore Huff Collection at George Eastman House”

Jeanne Liotta & Bradley Eros (Anthology Film Archives),  “Joseph Cornell: Filmmaker & Armchair Traveler”

Michele Smith (Art Institute of Chicago),  “Woven Films”




4:00- 5:45 pm   The Archive On-Line:  Practice & Theory


John Homiak (National Anthropological Archives/NMNH)  & Jim Wehmeyer (Smithsonian Institution), “Digitizing ‘Others’: Putting the Human Studies Film Archive On-line”

Patricia Zimmermann & Simon Tarr (Ithaca College), “The InVisible Histories Project”

Howard Besser (New York University), “Materiality: Where Digital Images Are”

James Lindner (Media Matters LLC), “Ubiquity: The ‘Media-less’ Archive”

Karl Heider (USC Anthropology), moderator


6:15 pm    Dinner at The Top of Carolina (Capstone Building)

 presented by Universal Studios


Walk back to Russell House Theater


8:30 pm           SCREENING:  Wrap Party


Bill Morrison’s The Mesmerist (2003) 


The Orgone Archive (Greg Pierce)

"An Inventory of Pennsylvania Place"

Post Graduate Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Televised Grand Rounds 1963

Home Inventory by Joseph D. Kramer (1959) 

Kitchen Seq by Herb Ferguson (n.d.) 

Autumn Leaves by Fred McLeod (1960)  




other oddities and wonders



Shuttles to Hampton Inn