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Jack Johnson: Der Meister Boxer Der Welt
From the Netherlands Filmmuseum


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"Dedication of Park Row" 1928


"Russian Leaders"


"World's Youngest Acrobat" story and outtakes 1929


"Acrobatic Baby"


"Jenkins Orphanage Band" 1928


"Confederate Veterans Reunion"


"Theremin Instrument"


"Theremin Instrument"


"50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures" 1944


"50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures" outtakes


"Chain Gang"

"Georgia Chain Gang"

"Virginia Chain Gangs"


"Confederate Veteran Reunion" and outtakes

footage preserved with help from a National Film Preservation Foundation grant

"50th Anniversary of First Phonograph"

"Edison Jubilee Radio Broadcast"


Roman Vishniac Home Movies

part of the Roman Vishniac Biological Film Collection. Read more about this collection...


Movietone Collection, IV
Osa and Martin Johnson Films

Read more about Osa and Martin Johnson


Johnsons prepare for safari


Safari Fashion Show 


Safari Fashion Show


Johnsons on Africa Expedition


Johnsons on Africa Expedition


Johnsons sail for Africa


Johnsons sail for Africa


Maedler and Tappen say goodbye





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