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Office of the Faculty Senate


The faculty committees are under the auspices of the Faculty Senate and the membership and means of appointment are given in the USC Columbia Faculty Manual. The official listing of faculty committees and their respective missions is in the faculty manual. Faculty committees are distinctive from Special Advisory Committees because they are governed by faculty of the university.

The Faculty Senate Office will issue a call for nominations for faculty committees near the end of each fall semester. Please respond to this call or contact the appropriate chair if you are interested in serving on a particular faculty committee.

2020-21 Faculty Committees

Select a committee below to view members, chair contact information and the committee charge. You may also download a copy of the faculty committees [pdf].

This committee shall consider appeals of cases decided by the Carolina Judicial Council regarding Honor Code violations. The committee shall consist of five faculty members elected for staggered three-year terms. The committee will assist the Office of Academic Integrity in periodically reviewing the Honor Code and share updates with the Faculty Senate. Members will receive annual training by the Office of Academic Integrity regarding due process, scope, and correspondence, prior to serving on the committee.

Shanna Schaffer, Libraries (2021)
Caroline DiBattisto, Chair, Medicine (2022)
William Knapp, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (2022)
Amanda Fairchild, Psychology (2023)
Jochen Lauterbach, Chemical Engineering  (2023)

Uriah Chapman, Student Member
Sarah Noonan, Student Member

This committee shall consider policies on undergraduate entrance examinations, admissions, and readmissions and may recommend changes in policy to the Faculty Senate. To assure conformity with undergraduate admissions policies, the committee may review policies and changes proposed by faculties of the various academic units. The committee shall act on appeals of applicants for admission who fail to fulfill established standards of admission or readmission. 

Of the ten members, five shall be elected by the faculty and five appointed by the provost. Two faculty representatives shall be elected each year for a term of three years, except every third year, when only one member shall be elected. The director of admissions shall serve as secretary, ex-officio. 

P. Brandon Bookstaver, Chair, Pharmacy (2021)
Andrew Corley, Languages, Literatures and Cultures (2022)
Matthew Miller,  Mathematics (2022)
Marketa Kubickova, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (2023)
Nathan Huynh, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2023)

Mary Wagner, ex-officio, Secretary, Admissions
Sandra Kelly, Office of the Provost
Terrance McAdoo, Instruction and Teacher Education (2022)
Tarek Shazly, Mechanical Engineering (2022)

The committee shall review and monitor admissions decisions and the academic performance of all student-athletes by regularly receiving appropriate and relevant information regarding the academic eligibility and progress of student-athletes, including graduation rates. The committee also receives reports on, reviews and advises, as appropriate, the Faculty Senate, the NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), the president, the director of athletics, and the Board of Trustees on the following: annual inter-collegiate athletic program schedules and major changes to them; the annual budget of the Athletics Department; admissions decisions for athletes receiving grants-in-aid; NCAA certification reports, including Title 9 reports; major requests for waiver of any institutional athletic policies; major changes in Athletics Department personnel (specifically the director of athletics, director of the academic support unit, and head coaches for each sport); the needs, interests, and concerns of student athletes; all other issues regarding inter-collegiate activities as referred to it by University officials. The committee shall make at least an annual, written report of its activities to the Faculty Senate, the president, and the director of athletics. 

Membership of the committee shall be six elected faculty members; three student members, (one undergraduate student-athlete who serves as either president or president-elect of the Student Athletics Advisory Committee; one undergraduate student appointed by the president of the student body; and one graduate student appointed by the student government with the consent of the Association of Graduate Students); one member of the Intercollegiate Activities Committee of the Board of Trustees appointed by the chair of that committee; the NCAA faculty athletics representative (FAR); one representative from the Division of Student Affairs; and the director of athletics and one at-large representative from the faculty, appointed by the president .

The chair shall be a member of the faculty. The chair and the NCAA faculty athletics representative (FAR) shall sit with the Intercollegiate Activities Committee at its meetings, ex-officio. 

Khalid Balloui, Sport and Entertainment Management (2021)
Kari Wolf-Odland, Exercise Science (2021)
Jean Clenney, Chair, Libraries (2022)
Nikki Wooten, Social Work (2022)
Birgitta Johnson, Music (2023)
Courtney Worsham, Marketing (2023)

Valinda Littlefield, African American Studies, FAR SEC Representative
Ray Tanner, Director of Athletics
Marc H. Shook, Student and Alumni Services
Vacant, Board of Trustees
Sierra Stewart, Student Member
Hannah O’Toole, Student Member
Vacant, At-Large Faculty Member
Vacant, President, Student Athletics Advisory Commission
Vacant, Graduate Student

This committee serves to mediate any disputes between students or faculty and local bookstores whose primary purpose is to serve the university community. Faculty members, students, or bookstores with problems should contact the chair of this committee. The committee should also report any major problems to the Faculty Senate with recommendations. In addition to the six elected faculty members, one graduate and one undergraduate student shall serve on the committee.

Amber Cook, Chair, Libraries (2021)
Toni M. Williams, Education (2021)
Gina Crosby-Quinatoa, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2022)
David Shay, Libraries (2022)
Leon Jackson, English (2023)
Eve Ross, Law (2023)
Julia Vogel, Student Member

This committee shall consider, and recommend to the faculty, action on all requests for new or revised curricula leading to any formal recognition other than graduate degrees or first professional degrees in law, medicine and pharmacy.  The committee shall also consider, and recommend to the faculty, action on all requests for the institution, modification, or deletion of courses and of any prescribed programs of study that do not fall within the purview of the graduate faculty.  The committee shall review the various university curricula with special attention to duplication or obsolescence of courses.  The committee shall consist of eight faculty members, elected for terms of three years.  In addition to the members elected by the faculty, there shall be one member appointed by the provost to serve ex officio, one representative from the regional campuses elected by the Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate, a representative of the Office of the University Registrar and two student members


Marianne Bickle, Chair,  Interdisciplinary Studies (2021)
Kenneth Campbell, Journalism and Mass Communications (2021)
Ray Thompson, Exercise Science (2021)
Jeff Dudycha, Biological Sciences (2022)
Chin-Tser Huang, Computer Science and Engineering (2022)
Lee Morris, Palmetto College (2022)
Stacy Winchester, Libraries (2023)
Sabra Custer, Nursing (2023)


Tena Houp, ex-officio, Office of the Provost
Christina Sixta Rinehart, Union
Elliot Vittes, Palmetto College (2022)
Libby Cross, ex-officio, Graduate School
Ed Short, ex-officio, Office of the Registrar
Sarah Noonan, Student Member
Vacant, Student Member

This committee shall advise the faculty and administration on all matters pertaining to the general policies and operations of the university that lie outside or cut across the responsibilities of other standing committees. It shall initiate studies and make recommendations to the faculty and administration regarding any matters affecting the general welfare of the university that faculty members, faculty bodies, and administrative officers refer to it. It also shall review proposals of other standing committees and recommend procedures for their implementation. The provost and vice provost for faculty development are ex-officio members.

Charley Adams, Co-Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2021)
Andrew Graciano, School of Visual Art (2021)
Chuanbing Tang, Chemistry (2021)
Gina Crosby-Quinatoa, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2022)
Liam Hein, Co-Chair, Nursing (2022)
Jennifer Vendemia, Psychology (2022)
Bob Brookshire, Integrated Information Technology (2023)
Bill Sudduth, Libraries (2023)
Armen Shaomian, Sport and Entertainment Management (2023)

William Tate, ex-officio, Office of the Provost
Mark Cooper, ex-officio,  English Language and Literature (Fac Sen Chair)
Cheryl Addy, ex-officio,  Office of the Provost

This committee shall serve as liaison between the faculty and the Board of Trustees. Members shall be the chair and chair-elect of the Columbia Faculty Senate, the chairs of the Faculty Advisory and Faculty Welfare committees, one person appointed by the president upon nomination by the Regional Campuses Faculty Senate, and the chair of the faculty government at one of the four-year campuses. The representation of the four-year campuses shall rotate annually among these campuses, Aiken, Beaufort, and Upstate. The chair of the Columbia Faculty Senate shall be chair of the committee and shall sit with the Board of Trustees as provided by the bylaws of the board.

The committee shall meet with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, which deliberates on matters of mutual concern to the faculty and the Board of Trustees.

Mark Cooper, Chair, Film and Media Studies (Faculty Senate Chair)
Audrey Korsgaard, Management (Faculty Senate Chair-elect)
Charley Adams, Communication Sciences and Disorders (Fac Advisory Co-Chair)
Liam Hein, Nursing (Faculty Advisory Co-Chair)
Andrea Henderson-Platt, Sociology (Faculty Advisory Co-Chair)
Marco Valtorta, Computer Science and Engineering (Faculty Welfare Co-Chair)
Jayne Violette, USC Beaufort (Representative of Comprehensive Campuses-2020) 
Ernest Jenkins, Faculty Senate Chair - Palmetto College  

The committee shall consist of ten members: three elected members, the current and immediate past chairs of the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Welfare Committee, the chair of the Faculty Senate, and the past chair or the chair‑elect of the Faculty Senate; the provost and a representative of the Division of Administration and Finance shall serve ex officio.

This committee serves as a liaison between the university administration and the university faculty (through the Faculty Senate) on matters pertaining to the university budget, advocates the faculty perspective on matters of budget and budgetary policy, and provides a venue for discussing faculty questions and concerns about the university budget and budgeting process. To accomplish its purpose, the Faculty Budget Committee shall have input into university budget policy in two ways.  First, the chair of the Faculty Budget Committee, the other two elected members, and the chair of the Faculty Senate will be welcomed to attend the president’s budget hearings. Second, the chair of the Budget Committee, the immediate past chair of the Budget Committee, and the chair of the Faculty Senate shall serve on the University Finance Committee

Mary Alexander, ex-officio, Office of the Provost
Deborah Hazzard, Management (2021)
Nicholas Watanabe, Sport and Entertainment Management (2022)
Greg Niehaus, Finance, Risk and Uncertainty Management Ctr (2023)
Mark Cooper, Film and Media Studies (Senate Chair)
Audrey Korsgaard, Management and Organizational Behavior (Chair-Elect)
Charley Adams, Communication Sciences and Disorders (Fac Advisory Co-Chair)
Liam Hein, Nursing (Fac Advisory Co-Chair)
Andrew Graciano, School of Visual Art (Past Fac Advisory Co-Chair)
Andrea Henderson, Sociology (Fac Welfare Co-Chair)
Marco Valtorta, Computer Science and Engineering (Fac Welfare Co-Chair)

This committee shall consider individual grievances, including grievances regarding salary matters (see also "Terms of Employment"), brought before it by members of the faculty.  When, in its judgment, a grievance is determined to be well‑founded, the committee shall attempt to resolve the matter through mediation or other appropriate action.  See also "Academic Grievance Procedures."  The committee shall consist of nine elected members for staggered three-year. All members of the committee shall be tenured full professors or tenured librarians, and, at the time they commence a term of service on the committee, a year shall have elapsed since their last service, if any, on the University Committee on Tenure and Promotions.  Faculty members appointed to administrative positions such as department chair, assistant dean, or associate dean are not eligible to serve on this committee.

Matt Kisner, Philosophy (2021)
Andrea L’Hommedieu, Chair, Libraries (2021)
David Reisman, Biology (2021)
Bo Cai, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2022)
Subrahmanyam Bulusu, School of Earth, Ocean and Environment (2022)
Carol Harrison, History (2022)
Sali Li, International Business (2023)
Julia Lopez-Robertson, Instruction and Teacher Education (2023)

The Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee provides a faculty voice in assessing and planning Information Technology (IT) services, resources, and infrastructure for administration, instruction, and research at the University of South Carolina. The committee shall consist of eight elected members of the voting faculty; one graduate student representative; one undergraduate student representative; and no more than six ex-officio representatives, typically one each from the Division of Information Technology (DoIT), Research, the University Libraries, the Office of  the Vice President for Research (VPR), the Office of the Provost, and the Office of the University Registrar. The composition of the committee shall reflect the need for expertise in the complex field of IT and general interest of the University faculty.

Specific charges to the committee are:

  1. To survey periodically faculty, staff, and students regarding the efficacy of IT resources including general services, resources and infrastructure that support the missions of teaching, research, and service.
  2. To assess the compatibility of available and planned IT services, resources, and infrastructure with the University’s ambition as a locally, nationally, and internationally-regarded teaching and research institution.
  3. To ensure that faculty have a meaningful role in future development of IT at the University of South Carolina by: maintaining and publishing a list of all standing committees related to IT.
  4. To make recommendations to the Faculty Senate for changes in IT services, resources, and infrastructure based on the information, assessment, and analysis resulting from the committee’s work in points 1-3 above.
Orgul Ozturk, Economics, (2021)
Ana Lopez-DeFede, Social Work (2021)
Robert Mullen, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2021)
Neset Hikmet, Co-Chair,  Integrated Information Technology (2022)
Chun-Hui Miao, Co-Chair, Economics (2022)
Scott Phinney, Libraries (2023)
Kelli Kenison, Health Policy and Management (2023)
Alexander Yankovsky, School of Earth Ocean and Environment (2023)
Liz Shirkey, Division of Information Technology         

Vacant, Student Member
Doug Foster, ex-officio, Division of Information Technology
Paul Sagona, ex-officio, Research Cyberinfrastructure
Heather Heckman, ex-officio, University Libraries
Debbie Kassianos, ex-officio, Vice President for Research Office
Cheryl Addy, ex-officio, Office of the Provost
Aaron Marterer, ex-officio, Office of the University Registrar

This committee shall consider university policies and the enforcement of policies regarding the welfare of the faculty, such as faculty salaries, other compensation and benefits, and any matters affecting the workplace environment.  The committee may recommend appropriate changes or the enforcement of existing policy, propose new policies, or comment upon proposed university action affecting faculty welfare.  Major changes in policy should be forwarded with a recommendation to the Faculty Senate for its consideration and transmittal to the provost, president, or Board of Trustees.  A representative of the Office of the Provost shall serve ex officio.

Douglas Meade, Mathematics (2021)
Haylee Mercado, Sport and Entertainment Management (2021)  
James Burch, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2022)
Marco Valtorta, Co-Chair, Computer Science and Engineering (2022)
Sheryl Mitchell, Nursing (2023)
Andrea Henderson, Co-Chair, Sociology (2023)

Shelley Jones, Palmetto College (2021)
Vacant (2023)
Vacant (2023)
Cheryl Addy, ex-officio, Office of the Provost

This committee shall recommend recipients of honorary degrees to the president and the Board of Trustees. The provost or appointed representative shall be ex-officio chair.

Xiaofeng (Steven) Liu, Educational Studies (2021)
Swapan Ray, Medicine (2021)
Amy Edwards, Libraries (2022)
Milind Kuncher, Physics and Astronomy (2022)
Phillip Bush, Music (2023)
Brie Dunn, Pharmacy (2023)

Cheryl Addy, Chair, Office of the Provost
Zechariah Willoughby, Student Member

This committee shall initiate studies, make recommendations to the faculty and administration on enhancing the practice and status of teaching, and review distributed learning course proposals for compliance with best practice benchmarks as defined by the university and accreditation bodies.  The committee shall then recommend compliant distributed learning course proposals for approval.

The membership of the committee shall include seven faculty members elected for staggered three‑year terms. The provost shall appoint four other faculty members, for staggered three‑year terms, to guarantee broad representation of the colleges and academic ranks.  The president of the student body with confirmation of the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Association, respectively, shall appoint one undergraduate and one graduate student to one‑year terms. Ex officio members may include representatives from the Office of the Provost , Distributed Learning Support Services, Center for Teaching Excellence and Graduate School.

Lisa Bailey, Management (2021)
Christy Friend, English (2021)
Katie Wolfe, Educational Studies-Special Education (2021)
Ramy Harik, Chair, Engineering (2022)
Darin Freeburg, School of Information Science (2023)
Linda Hazlett, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2023)
John Gerdes, Integrated Information Technology (2023)

Murray Mitchell, ex-officio, The Graduate School
Trena Houp, ex-officio, Office of the Provost
Bryan Jenkins, ex-officio, University Technology Services
Aisha Haynes, ex-officio, Center for Teaching Excellence
Stephen Criswell, Palmetto College (2023)
Haylee Mercado, Sport and Entertainment Management (2023)
Leslie Lovelace, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2023)
Sarah Noonan, Student Member                                                               
Vacant, Student Member

The University Committee on Professional-Track Faculty is responsible for 1) reviewing and approving college, school, and academic policies regarding professional-track faculty; 2) proposing and reviewing university wide policies regarding professional-track faculty; and 3) advising the Faculty Senate and the administration regarding issues related to professional-track faculty. The committee shall consist of seven members: five elected faculty members including a majority of professional-track faculty members, one member elected by the University Committee on Tenure and Promotion, and a representative of the Office of the Provost serving as an ex-officio member (voting) of the committee.

This committee will begin work in AY2021-22.  

This committee shall consider cases involving intellectual property, including patent and copyright matters, and shall be the intellectual property advisory body within the university.  In addition to the six elected faculty members, there shall be three members appointed by the provost.  The director of the Technology Commercialization Office, or a representative of that office, shall serve ex officio.

Eric P. Robinson, Chair, Journalism and Mass Communications (2021)
Peisheng Xu, Pharmacy (2021)
Cormac Cannon, Music (2022)
Milind Kuncher, Physics and Astronomy (2022)
Michael Weisenburg, Libraries (2023)
John Lavigne, Integrated Information Technology (2023)  

Michael Myrick, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2023)
Ed Snow, School of Law (2023)  
Melissa Moss, Engineering (2023)
Chad Hardaway, ex-officio, Director, Technology Commercialization
George Lampl, Office of General Counsel

This committee shall consider and review matters concerning the status and funding of the libraries that are under the supervision of the dean of libraries.

The committee shall consist of eleven members: seven elected from the faculty, including one member of the teaching faculty of the regional Palmetto Colleges elected by the Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate; three at-large faculty members appointed by the provost; and  the dean of libraries, ex officio.  No college shall have more than two elected members, and no department shall have more than one elected member.

Lucy Santos Green, School of Library and Information Science (2022)
Doug Meade, Mathematics (2022)
Varsha Kulkarni, Physics and Astronomy (2022)
Amanda Schlegel, Music (2023)
James Frederick Catropp, Medicine (2023)
Mark Uline, Chair, Chemical Engineering (2023)

Susan Rathbun-Grubb, Library and Information Sciences (2021)
Jessica Elfenbein, History (2021)
Holly Crocker, English (2023)
Tom McNally, ex‑officio, Libraries

This committee will investigate formal complaints of workplace bullying. The committee will consist of 10 elected faculty members for staggered three-year terms. Each member of the Committee must hold the rank of tenured Professor or tenured librarian.  No Committee member shall serve simultaneously on the Faculty Grievance Committee.  Prior to the commencement of a committee member’s duties, he or she must receive training in the recognition of workplace bullying, which is defined below under the section on workplace civility.  The Provost in consultation with the Chair of the Faculty Senate will appoint a tenured faculty member to serve in a part-time capacity as the Faculty Civility Advocate.

In response to the receipt of a formal complaint of workplace bullying, the Provost shall appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the complaint.  The ad hoc committee shall consist of three members from the Committee and two non-Committee faculty members.

Leon Jackson, English (2021)
Kathy Snediker, Chair, Libraries (2021)
Vacant (2021)
Shannon Bowen,  Journalism (2022)                        
Jodi Spillane, Libraries (2022)
Chris Xue, Mechanical Engineering (2022)
John Michael Harley, Music (2023)
Haylee Mercado, Sport and Entertainment Management (2023)
Susan Felleman, School Visual Art and Design (2023)  

Susan Bon (Faculty Civility Advocate), Education
Cheryl Addy, ex-officio, Office of the Provost

This committee shall consider matters concerning university academic requirements, standards, policies, and practices. It shall review changes proposed by colleges and shall make recommendations to the appropriate faculty or the Faculty Senate.

Decisions of a college committee concerning academic regulations may be appealed to the university committee by either the student involved or the dean of the college. Grounds for appeals shall be limited to a contention that a university academic regulation was misinterpreted or that the college committee hearing was fundamentally unfair. The appealing party shall describe in writing the basis for the appeal and shall provide available supporting information.   If the committee considers an appeal, it may confirm the decision of the college committee, return the case to the college for reconsideration, or under exceptional circumstances reverse the decision of the college committee in matters involving the interpretation of university regulations.

In addition to the six elected faculty members, there shall be two student members. The director of admissions and the registrar, or representatives of those offices, shall serve as ex-officio members.

Robert Kopack, Geography, interim (2021)
Hunter Gardner, Chair, Languages (2021)
Celeste Caulder, Pharmacy (2022)
Katherine Jones, Nursing (2022)
Andy Kretschmar, Law (2023)
Aime Freeman, Libraries (2023)

Scott Verzyl, ex-officio, Admissions
Aaron Marterer, ex-officio, Registrar's Office
Whitney Garland, Student Member
Vacant, Student Member

This committee shall serve as a nominating committee and as a planning body that studies issues confronting the university and recommends action to be taken by existing faculty committees, the faculty, and administration.

The committee is composed of the nine chairs of the following committees: Admissions, Athletics Advisory, Curricula and Courses, Faculty Advisory, Faculty Budget, Faculty Welfare, Scholastic Standards and Petitions, Information Technology, University Committee on Promotion and Tenure, and one faculty member appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate. The Provost and Parliamentarian shall serve as ex officio members.

Mark Cooper, Chair, Film and Media Studies (Fac Sen Chair)
Audrey Korsgaard, Management (Fac Sen Chair-Elect)
Spencer Platt, Educational Leadership and Policies (Fac Sen Sec)
Brandon Bookstaver, Pharmacy (Admissions)
Jean Clenney, Libraries (Athletics Adv)
Marianne Bickle, Interdisciplinary Studies (Cur and Courses)
Charley Adams, Communication Sciences and Disorders (Co-Chair-Fac Advisory)
Liam Hein, Nursing (Co-Chair-Fac Advisory)
Vacant (Fac Budget)
Andrea Henderson-Platt, Sociology (Co-Chair-Fac Welfare)
Marco Valtorta, Computer Science and Engineering (Co-Chair-Fac Welfare)
Hunter Gardner, Languages (Stds & Pet)
Neset Hikmet, Integrated Information Technology (Co-Chair-Fac. IT Committee) 
Chun-Hui Miao, Economics (Co-Chair-Fac. IT Committee) 
Wayne Outten, Chemistry and Biochemistry Sciences (UCTP)
Ramy Harik , Mechanical Engineering (Member at-Large)
William Tate, ex-officio, Provost
William Sudduth, ex-officio, Libraries (Parliamentarian)

This committee shall publish guidelines for departmental tenure and promotion criteria and procedures, approve departmental tenure and promotion criteria and procedures, review all tenure and promotion cases, and make tenure and promotion recommendations to the president. It shall be composed of twenty‑four tenured full professors, fifteen elected by the faculty and nine appointed by the president or designee.  No more than three elected members may be from any single college or school except the College of Arts and Sciences, which may have up to nine elected members. Of the nine appointed members, no more than two may be chosen from any single college or school.

The elected members shall be nominated by a committee composed of the members of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, and the eight persons completing their terms on the Tenure and Promotions Committee. The nominating committee shall nominate a slate of ten, from which the voting members of the faculty shall elect five persons.  Each voting faculty member may vote for up to five nominees.  No person shall serve more than three years consecutively, and no department chair, assistant or associate dean, or dean shall be a member of the committee.

Lara Lomicka Anderson, Language, Literatures and Cultures (2021)
Catherine Compton-Lily, Instruction and Teacher Education (2021)
Varsha Kulkarni, Physics and Astronomy (2021)
Wayne Outten, Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry Sciences (2021)
Rekha Patel, Biological Sciences (2021)
Lucy Green, Information Science (2022)
Stephanie Mitchem, Religious Studies (2022)
Jiajia Zhang, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2022)
Gerald McDermott, International Business (2022)
Matthew Miller, Mathematics (2022)
Amanda Fairchild, Psychology (2023)
Sue Levkoff, Social Work (2023)
Johannes Stratmann, Biological Sciences (2023)
Collin Webster, Physical Education (2023)
Sudha Xirasagar, Health Services Policy and Management (2023)

Cynthia Corbett, Nursing (2021)
Jay Potts, Medicine (2021)
Robin Dipietro, School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (2021)
Jacqueline Fox, School of Law (2022)
Lynn Kompass, School of Music (2022)
Robert Mullen, Civil and Environment Engineering (2022)
Thomas Brown, History (2023)                          
Krishna Mandal, Electrical Engineering (2023)
Scott Vandervelde, Accounting (2023)

This board conducts hearings and rules on cases involving the dismissal of tenured faculty members for cause.   It also resolves disagreements between the provost and any unit over the content of unit post-tenure review standards and procedures. The seven members of the board shall be tenured faculty, two appointed by the president or designee and five elected by the faculty for staggered three‑year terms.

Vladimir Gudkov, Physics (2021)
Mark Nagel, Chair, Sport and Entertainment Management (2021)
Vacant (2022)
Kevin Lu, Pharmacy (2023)
Michael Stoeltzner, Philosophy (2023)       

Vacant (2023)
Vacant (2023)

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