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Parents Weekend 2017

Mark your calendars for Parents Weekend 2017, to be held Oct. 6-8. Registration is now open. The deadline to register is 4 p.m., Sept. 15. Space is limited so don’t delay.

Proof of insurance information for parents

Incoming freshmen students at USC Columbia enrolled in six or more credit hours, graduate students enrolled in nine or more hours, graduate students with graduate assistantships, and international students will be required to show proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Students must either enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or waive the plan by showing proof of their own health insurance.


Stories for Parents


Mungo Distinguished Professor of the Year: Cliff Leaman

Clifford Leaman's love of teaching and performing is obvious to Leaman’s students and colleagues, who describe him as a master performer and teacher. This year, the university presented Leaman, who has taught saxophone at Carolina for the past 17 years, with its highest teaching honor: the Michael J. Mungo Distinguished Professor of the Year Award.


'If I can help spare one family...'

After watching Alzheimer’s disease rob her and her husband of their golden years, Patricia Beckler is supporting research efforts at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia to find a treatment or a cure for the devastating disease.

Campbell and Kubickova with Minister Castillo

Chocolate fix

Two University of South Carolina professors are working on interdisciplinary research to help improve life in one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Latin America.

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