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Academic Advising

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Changing Majors (Office of Exploratory Advising & Academic Coaching)

Considering a change in your major or switching your college or school at USC? Investigate next steps with help from our Exploratory Advising team. Our advisors can help you explore degree options, evaluate requirements, or help you prepare for an academic advising session.  

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest are groups of individual majors that fall under a larger academic umbrella. Each Area of Interest brings together degree programs that appeal to common interests, use (and teach) similar skill sets, and lead to related career paths. Exploring Areas of Interest can help you match your unique talents and interests with specific degree programs, discover USC’s  90+ majors, and make connections between your studies and career possibilities.

Change of Major Requirements  

Each major has its own set of GPA and/or credit hour requirements that you must meet in order to change your major. See if you meet requirements for a new major, view upcoming change of major deadlines, and familiarize yourself with how to change your major using the Change of Major Requirements Table.

Need help navigating the Change of Major Requirements Table? Schedule an appointment with an Exploratory Advisor! 

Make An Appointment

Exploratory Advisors can help answer a variety of questions about switching majors on the Columbia campus. Schedule an appointment if you would like to explore different major options, see how your prior coursework fits into your new major, need supplemental advisement for your intended major, or need help figuring out how to change your major. (See below if you are interested in changing majors within your current college or school.) Please note: Students who schedule and miss an appointment with an Exploratory Advisor may be subject to a $15 no show fee.

Attend Major Change Drop-Ins

If you already know the major you want to declare, consider dropping in for a 15 minute appointment. During this appointment an Exploratory Advisor can:

  • answer general advisement questions 
  • show you how your prior coursework fits into your new major
  • provide supplemental advisement for your new major 

Changing majors within your college or school?

How you change major within your current college or school depends upon which college or school you’re in. 

Major Change Resources

The Change of Major Directory provides program information, GPA requirements, and necessary "how to" steps for changing majors into each of the 11 colleges/schools on the Columbia campus. View the Change of Major Requirements Table.

Learn more about academic programs offered at USC and their requirements in the Undergraduate Academic Bulletin

Both advisors and students can access several common forms in Advisor Forms and Resources

If you are a current nursing student, and/or are considering a major in a related healthcare field, watch these videos to learn more about alternative major pathways that can lead to similar career opportunities in health care.

Developing a Parallel Plan

Exercise Science

Public Health BS

Public Health BA



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