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Area of Interest | Humanities & Creative Arts

In the Humanities & Creative Arts Area of Interest students will find curriculums that study the many facets of human cultures, including intellectual legacies, artistic traditions, mediums, and productions, languages, literatures, and historical forces. Humanities & Creative Arts degree programs prepare students for careers in business, education, the non-profit sector, government, and the performing arts through coursework that emphasizes critical thinking, analytical capabilities, oral and written communication skills, creativity, and ingenuity. To learn which majors in this Area of Interest have a more prescriptive, more flexible, or moderate curriculum structure check out the Humanities & Creative Arts Major Orbit below. 

Humanities and Creative Arts Major Orbit

Major programs in italics fall into more than one Area of Interest.

The Art Education major is an intense combination of art studio, art history, and teacher education courses. This major is for students seeking certification to teach art in K-12.

The Art History major curriculum gives students a broad knowledge of arts and the cultures that generate it.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio is a well-rounded liberal arts degree that allows students to explore many different mediums.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio allows students to choose a concentration area and is designed for students serious about becoming a professional artist or graduate-level work.

The Classics concentration within the Languages, Literature, and Cultures, BA encourages students to appreciate and understand the art, language, literature, history, and politics of ancient civilizations.

The Comparative Literature concentration within the Languages, Literature, and Cultures, BA allows students to explore exciting and innovative ways to study language, literature, art, and culture.

The Dance major instills a foundation of guided practice in the disciplines and principles of classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz.


The English major gives students a range of literary and cultural traditions alongside more specialized training in writing, critical analysis, and creative work, depending on the concentration.

The Film and Media Studies major is devoted to the critical study of moving images, film, and media production.

The History major’s comprehensive curriculum enables students to understand cultures on a deeper level.

The Media Arts major curriculum requires students to pursue a practical curriculum that is intellectually challenging. Students within this major are expected to complete a media art production project and an internship.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music has a broad curriculum of liberal arts education to prepare students for a variety of careers.

The Bachelor of Music has a general education curriculum combined with a rigorous training in an area of emphasis. One-on-one training is required within this major.

The Philosophy major includes a complex curriculum that encourages students to analyze logic and approach solutions from unique vantage points.

The Religious Studies major explores the many roles religion plays in both society and individual people’s lives.

The Theatre major is a unique major that combines classroom studies, studio work, and practical experience in multiple areas.

The Visual Communications curriculum offers students the chance to find their passion and be a smarter, better-prepared visual journalist.

The Women’s and Gender Studies major promotes the understanding of the experience’s women and other underrepresented groups through a comprehensive curriculum.



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