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Academic Advising

Resources for Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors play a critical role for ensuring transfer student success at USC. This page houses several commonly used resources to aid academic advisors as they advise transfer students. 

Types of Transfer Students

We know that transfer students come to the University through several different pathways. Understanding how your student got to USC may help you identify specific needs during an advisement appointment.

Below are some common transfer student patterns. 

Transfer Pattern Definition
Vertical Transfer Students who begin at a 2-year and transfer to a 4-year institution with or without an associate's degree
Lateral Transfer Students who transfer from a 2-year institution to another 2-year institution or a 4-year institution to a 4-year institution
Reverse Transfer Students who begin at a 4-year and transfer to a 2-year institution
Reverse Credit Transfer  The transfer of credits from a 4-year institution back to a 2-year institution for the purpose of conferring an associate's degree
Swirlers/Alternating Enrollees Students who attend more than two institutions and transfer or who transfer from and to community colleges
Concurrent Enrollees Students who attend more than one institution at the same time and who transfer courses. 
Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment  Transfer of college-level courses taken during high school 
Transient   Students who take courses as nondegree seeking students at institutions other than home institution with intention to transfer credits to home institution

 Adapted from The Multiple Dimensions of Transfer: Examining the Transfer Function in American Higher Education

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