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Academic Advising

Course Restrictions

Course restrictions may prohibit you from registering for a particular section of a course. 

Viewing Course Restrictions in Self Service Carolina

  1. Login to Self Service Carolina.
  2. Click on the Student Tab, then  Registration Tile, and Browse Classes to search for a course.
  3. Click on the Course Title to bring up a pop-up box with additional course information
  4. Click on the Restrictions tab to view any course registration restrictions.

Viewing Course Restrictions on

  1. View the 'Identifying Class Registration Restrictions' video or, 
  2. Go to the website
  3. Search for the class you are wanting to take and click on the specific section.
  4. View any Registration Restrictions and Registration Notes in the class section information.

Common Course Restrictions 

  • Course Section – Some sections are reserved for majors only; students in Opportunity Scholars or
    Honors; or specific classification such as sophomores or above.
  • Field of Study – The course may only be open to certain majors, minors, and concentrations.
  • Honors Courses or Special Approval Required – The course may only be open to students in the South
    Carolina Honors College or may require the student to obtain approval from the department offering
    the course.
  • Course Capacity – The course may be full.
  • Pre-Requisites – You may not have the required pre-requisite.
  • Co-Requisites – You may not have the correct co-requisite. If a course requires a co-requisite, both
    CRNs must be entered on the Add Classes Worksheet when the Submit button is pressed.
  • Campus – The course may not be offered on your campus.
  • Level – The course may be offered at a different level (Graduate, Undergraduate, Law, Medical,
  • Alpha character - Course sections beginning with an alpha character are intended for specific student
    populations. If you receive a “Student Attribute Restriction” when registering, please check the alpha
    character in the 3-digit section number. A list of common course sections with restrictions are included in the table below. 
    Alpha Character Description 
    Section A## Preston Residential College Students
    Section C## Capstone Scholar Students 
    Section H## South Carolina Honors College Students 
    Section J## Online sections open to all students; be certain to check which campus the section is designated for and only enroll in Columbia sections. 
    Section M## PMBA Students
    Section N## Nursing students enrolled in online section 
    Section P## Palmetto College Students 
    Section Q## International Accelerator Program Students
    Section R## Contract Courses; only open to students affiliated with the course contract
    Section S## Special populations including Living and Learning Communities
    Section T## TRiO Students 
    Section Y## Open to all students; sections scheduled by the Graduation and Retention Network 
    Section Z## Fort Jackson students

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