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Area of Interest | Social Sciences & Communications

The Social Sciences & Communications Area of Interest encompasses majors that study how humans interact, share ideas, create identities, organize societies, experience life, and shape our planet. Degree programs that develop knowledge and skill sets such as cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques, oral and written communication skills, and metacognition equip students for careers in business, government, law, education, research, media, humanitarian outreach, and advocacy.  To learn which majors in this Area of Interest have a more prescriptive, more flexible, or moderate curriculum structure check out the Social Sciences & Communications Major Orbit below. 

Social Sciences & Communications Major Orbit


Major programs in italics fall into more than one Area of Interest.

The Advertising degree allows students to tailor their education plan to match their career goals, choosing from dozens of specialized classes to spark their imagination.

The African American Studies major allows students to develop an understand of race and the African American experience, as well as the dynamics of the African diaspora.

The Anthropology major provides students with the knowledge and skills to appreciate the cultural and biological diversity of humans and to apply their knowledge to a variety of career endeavors.

The Broadcast Journalism major enables students to report and narrate stories, shoot and produce video, and practice play-by-play public speaking.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice major is designed to teach students to think critically, enhance public safety through evidence-based practices, and improve communities.

The Cyber Policy and Ethics major curriculum is interdisciplinary and features coursework from computer science, geography, political science, mathematics and statistics, philosophy, psychology, and critical foreign languages. 

The Early Childhood Education major involves a robust curriculum teaching math, science, social science, reading, and writing while gaining hands on experience.

The Economics, BA major within the College of Arts & Sciences allows students a similar track within Darla Moore but requires more courses within the liberal arts college.

The Economics, BS major within the College of Arts & Sciences allows students a similar track within Darla Moore but requires more courses within the liberal arts college.

The Elementary Education major includes the core curriculum along with coursework in assessment, classroom management, and teaching an integrated curriculum.

The English major gives students a range of literary and cultural traditions alongside more specialized training in writing, critical analysis, and creative work, depending on the concentration.

The Environmental Studies major is part of the environment and sustainability program in the School of Earth, Ocean, and the Environment. Its curriculum provides interdisciplinary coursework in sustainability, policy, advocacy, environmental ethics, ecology, and economics.

The Geography major offers broad exposure to different fields of discipline, allowing students to choose courses from GIScience, Physical/Environmental Geography, Human Geography, and Environment-Society Relationships.

The Global Studies major allows students a critical, global outlook that will allow them to engage with pressing global questions and to thrive in an interconnected world.

The International Studies major allows students to tailor their classes to focus on topics such as foreign policy, global economics or environmental studies, or international conflict and cooperation.

The Information Science major’s curriculum includes coursework on the generation, organization, storage, transmission, use, and dissemination of data and data sets in the professional world.


As a Journalism major a student will learn how to tell stories across different media, write beautiful profiles and effective tweets, create useful infographics, and edit on a deadline.

The Mass Communications major allows students to learn the basics of the communication industry, and have the ability to choose classes from other fields, including print, broadcast, advertising, public relations, and visual communications.

The Middle Level Education, BA major requires the general core curriculum and a specialization in two content areas – at least one being English or Social Science.

The Psychology, BA major is the study of human behavior. This major provides courses for successful employment after graduation in human services, management, student affairs, etc.

The Political Science degree gives students broad exposure to the discipline, offering courses from fields such as American politics and political theory, while also developing individualized areas of interest.

The Public Relations major allows students to create a campaign, write a press release, manage an event, and engage the public in a cause.

The Social Work major prepares students for a career serving individuals, families, and communities. The curriculum covers a liberal arts education and provides the values, skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for generalist social work practice.

The Sociology, BA degree gives students the research, communication, and analytics skills needed to succeed in today's market with a wide range of career options.

The Sociology, BS degree gives students the research, communication, and analytics skills needed to succeed in today's market with a wide range of career options.


The B.A. in Special Education equips future educators with the knowledge and skills to positively impact the lives of students with diverse needs. Graduates of this program will become highly qualified special educators prepared to work in schools as multi-categorical special education teachers at all grade levels.

The Visual Communications curriculum offers students the chance to find their passion and be a smarter, better-prepared visual journalist.

The Women’s and Gender Studies major promotes the understanding of the experience’s women and other underrepresented groups through a comprehensive curriculum.

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