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My USC Experience Student Resources

Each undergraduate student at USC has the opportunity to shape their academic experience, both in and out of the classroom. You can already track your degree progression on your academic transcript, and now the university is providing you with records of your educational experiences outside the classroom to help you plan and achieve your goals. These new education records are known as your My USC Experience. 

Who determines My USC Experience?

YOU do! My USC Experience records help you write and tell the story of your unique college experience.  Your involvement beyond the classroom is now visible to you and your academic advisor to support your educational planning and to encourage reflection on your learning from all college experiences.  

These records will be helpful as you think about what you've already done in college and what you still need to do in order to plan and achieve your educational and career goals. Taking the time to reflect on all of their college learning experiences, each student will improve their ability to more clearly describe the knowledge and skills they gained in college and how those are transferable to the workplace or graduate school.

You can create and manage different versions of your My USC Experience transcript by selecting records to include; for example, you may want to create a version to submit with award applications, one to send to prospective employers, or one to send with a graduate school application.

Please note: My USC Experience records are only available for students who enrolled at USC Fall 2018 or later. 

Quick How- To's:


How to Search for Engagements

You can search for engagement opportunities using this searchable database

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How to Access My USC Experience records

Your records are available at Watch the help video for step-by-step instructions for accessing your records or follow the steps below. Remember, My USC Experience records are only available for students who enrolled at USC Fall 2018 or later. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the 'Student/Authorized Users' tab at the top of the page.
  3. Under the 'Academics' section, click on 'View My USC Experience'. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Each student record is linked to a catalog entry that describes the educational purpose of the program and the knowledge and skills students practice and apply through their engagement.  These additional records are intended to help students reflect on their learning from these experiences and to guide planning for future purposeful involvement.  The information may be useful for advising conversations as it provides a more holistic view of their college experience.  Students may select records from their My USC Experience to include in a USC Experience transcript, which can be sent by the university to prospective employers, graduate schools, and others at the request of the student.

This is a relatively new system; new Engagements are being added each term.  

If you are aware of a program, event, or activity that seems appropriate for inclusion, please contact

You have the option to keep a record private and to “hide” a record from advisor/other view.  It is recommended your academic advisor have access to all aspects of your experiences in order to best support you.  However, you may choose to keep a record private.  When viewing your My USC Experience records, you can select “keep this private” for any record and it will not be visible to your academic advisor.



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