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rosina fadul in medical scrubs and mask on a ward in a new jersey hospital

Heroes wear masks

This spring, as COVID-19 spiked in New York City, the nation’s largest metropolitan area became the face of the U.S. pandemic. Nurses from across the U.S. — including UofSC alumni — descended on the region, enduring personal hardship and risking their own health to help stem the tide.

Amelia wilks wearing a pink shirt

Amelia Wilks: 'All that good stuff'

Amelia Wilks describes her high school self as a “follower,” but the University of South Carolina provided the 2020 graduate with a stage, a microphone and the confidence to finish college as a leader.

women with banners stand by a monument in Washington D.C. in 1918 to advocate for women's suffrage

100 years of suffrage

The month of August marks 100 years since the ratification of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in the United States. South Carolina women were a part of the fight for suffrage that started here in the years after the Civil War. Historians and librarians at the University of South Carolina have played a major role in documenting and preserving their stories.

Robin DiPietro

COVID-19: Restaurant Industry Outlook

COVID-19 has hit the restaurant industry hard as businesses work to find safe and sustainable ways to keep serving. School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Director Robin DiPietro shares her expertise on the challenges facing owners, employees and customers in South Carolina and beyond.

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