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A photo of the Thomas Cooper Library fountain with a backdrop of campus

What's New On Campus?

It won’t be long until students pack their bags, get in their cars and make the trip to Columbia to begin another semester at South Carolina. But with a new school year come new things you should know before arriving on campus.

A student reads Educated, showing Brooke Daniels' cover design.

How UofSC alumna Brooke Daniels found her passion

Brooke Daniels realized her passion while designing a new cover illustration for Tara Westover’s Educated. Now, as thousands of incoming UofSC freshmen read the book through the university’s 2021 First Year Reading Experience, she hopes it provides them guidance in navigating their next four years.

Hudsonian Godwit

Biologist searches for environmental tipping points in marathon migratory species

As a population biologist at the University of South Carolina, Nate Senner studies migratory bird species whose feats of endurance make his own look almost puny by comparison. What interests him most is not just the extremes that different bird species can endure but the many environmental variables to which they must adapt — with the long-term survival of their species population hanging in the balance.

Joel Samuels

Breakthrough Leader: Joel H. Samuels

University of South Carolina law professor, and now interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Joel Samuels works to preserve the underlying principle that holds societies together: the rule of law.

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