Be alert! At the University of South Carolina, we want you to stay safe on campus. We encourage you to always be aware of your surroundings, and we've gathered these safety resources to help keep you prepared and informed.

Be Prepared

Knowing what you can do to help ensure you do not become a victim of crime is the first step to being safe. Familiarize yourself with simple safety tips to protect yourself and your property, learn about options to travel safely to, from and around campus, and find tools like the free Rave Guardian personal safety app.

Safety Tips: Worried about walking alone at night? Not sure what to do if you feel threatened? USC’s Division of Law Enforcement and Safety works to keep campus safe and offers precautions and safety tips to keep you prepared.

Holiday Safety: Whether you’re leaving town for the holidays or just heading out to do some shopping, make sure your time off is fun and safe by following these recommendations.

Rave Guardian is a free mobile app that turns your phone into a personal safety device. Features of the app include a panic button that opens a direct, immediate connection with campus police, complete with GPS location and personal profile information (including a photo). You can report a crime or suspicious activity via text, and you can even send a picture of the activity. And students can identify friends, roommates and family as “guardians” in addition to campus police, who can automatically be contacted in the event you don't reach your destination in an amount of time you indicate. University police also work with other area law enforcement agencies to respond to Rave alerts based on your location and situation. Download this free app in the iTunes or Google Play store. 

As part of the university’s commitment to creating a campus free from sexual assault, misconduct, discrimination and harassment of any form, we offer services to educate community members about preventing and responding to sexual assault and resources that support survivors of sexual assault.

Police investigations, court proceedings and the rest of the criminal system can be confusing and intimidating. The Division of Law Enforcement and Safety offers comprehensive victim services, including the Victim/Witness Assistance Program, that offer criminal justice support, emotional support, assistance and referrals for everything from housing and shelter to temporary protective orders.


Be Informed

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to be informed. You never know when urgent news or an emergency situation might arise that could require action on your part. From ways to get emergency updates to historical and geographical crime data and statistics, this section will put you in the know and keep you there.

The Carolina Alert emergency notification system communicates emergency conditions that require immediate awareness or action. Depending on the level of the emergency, the system uses multiple methods, including text messages, social media posts and the website, to keep you informed.

Text Messages: Sign up at to begin receiving Carolina Alert text messages.

Twitter: Follow @CarolinaAlert on Twitter to get emergency notifications. 

Facebook: The Carolina Alert Facebook page is used to deliver emergency messages to the university community, as well as information about situations that aren’t immediately life-threatening but still warrant notification (e.g. crime alerts, university closings, health advisories and weather advisories).

If a situation or incident is not immediately life threatening or has been contained, a crime bulletin may be posted to provide a timely warning to the university community. Crime bulletins do not require an immediate action and may also include relevant safety tips. They are posted online and sent out via social media.

Twitter: Follow @USCPD on Twitter to get crime bulletin notifications. 

Since it allows you to see what kinds of crime are happening in an area and when, RaidsOnline crime mapping helps students, as well as the public at large, learn more about their community and make informed decisions about how to stay safe.

Take a look at what’s been happening recently in your area with this daily crime log. It is a comprehensive record of all criminal incidents reported to the university’s law enforcement division.

The Division of Law Enforcement and Safety publishes the Combined Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which includes information and crime statistics for the previous three years.