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College of Arts and SciencesAt a Glance

In the University of South Carolina College of Arts and Sciences, we explore solutions to the world’s biggest challenges and answers to life’s most enduring questions. It’s a place to push the frontiers of science, art and culture not only to make a better world, but to instill greater meaning within it.

With the largest choice of majors, minors and courses of any college at the university, Arts and Sciences students can explore their strengths, gain a broad education and prepare for a career with infinite possibilities. We study the smallest particles known to science and the biggest social movements in history. We uncover mysteries about ancient civilization and hidden gems in literature. All united by an urge to explore, solve and create.

Foundational Learning

In this dynamic academic community, faculty create meaningful experiences in the classroom and beyond to give each student a strong basis for further study and their future careers. They teach most classes in the Carolina Core so the college hones critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills for all students at the university, regardless of major.

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Prepared for the Future

Rigorous and diverse coursework and beyond-the-classroom experiences prepare graduates to adapt successfully within a globalizing world. Eleven programs — social psychology, criminology, history, political science, clinical psychology, statistics, sociology, English, mathematics, chemistry and earth sciences graduate programs — are ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report.

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The World is a Classroom

The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual, artistic, scientific and instructional heart of the university. Our students pair disciplines to create their own pathways and enjoy a well-rounded education that includes a vast range of experiential learning opportunities and options.

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Latest News

Be in the know. Get the latest news, stories, highlights and more from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Carolina. 

Various items related to the College of Arts and Sciences displayed on a white background.

Health Matters

Our students, faculty and alumni are working together for the health of South Carolina. From biologists and chemists studying the building blocks of life and the epicenters of disease to psychologists improving our understanding of mental health and how to help people make healthier choices. We bring together bright minds from our academic community and the larger university to work on research, public outreach and campuswide educational opportunities.


A Community of Learning

As the university's largest and most academically diverse college, we are a driver for innovation. Our research and scientific discoveries deepen social and cultural understanding, advance equity and social discourse and provide solutions that have a positive impact on our state and world. We’re always creating something new, whether it be a new formula in a laboratory, novel art in a studio or a new insight on life.

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Driving Innovation Everywhere

Our graduates are found worldwide as CEOs, scientists, government leaders, film directors and many other roles. Explore countless career paths and degree options within more than 20 departments and schools, 16 interdisciplinary programs and an ever-growing number of centers and institutes.

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