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Group of students surrounding a Galapagos sign.

Study Abroad

The University of South Carolina is a springboard to immersive learning in nearly every part of the world. Choose from 1,500 education abroad experiences that teach more than you can ever imagine.

Studying abroad enhances your college experience in ways that can be difficult to articulate. Once you experience the daily life and culture in another country, you’re bound to see the world through very different eyes. Just like South Carolina's 1,500 program options can take you around the globe, you can also connect with scholarships and grants that help make your dream come true.


  • Group of students in cultural attire in India.
  • Student studying abroad.
  • Student studying abroad.
  • Student studying abroad in Barcelona.
  • Student studying abroad in front of a snowy mountain.
  • Student studying abroad.

World of opportunity

Education abroad experiences come in all timeframes and corners of the globe. Participate in a short-term or full-year program to learn about and experience the life and culture of another part of the world.

  • Student sitting on a cliff overlooking a city and water.

    College-Level Programs

    Learn in a college- or school-developed program that offers an immersive learning experience that supplements all you’re learning in the classroom.

  • Student scuba diving with a sea turtle.

    Short-Term Programs

    Have a week or two weeks? You can take part in an education abroad experience to another part of the world through a service-, event- or destination-based opportunity.

  • Student studying abroad standing on a balcony overlooking a city.

    Semesters Abroad

    Dedicate an entire semester to living, learning and experiencing life in thousands of unforgettable international experiences around the world.

  • Student standing in front of the Colosseum in Italy.

    Yearlong Experiences

    Spend an entire year studying in places ranging from Argentina to Wales. We have thousands of memorable destinations that will expand your world view.

Choose Your Destination

Whether you know exactly where you’d like to study or know exactly how long you’d like to be there, our program directory can help you find your ideal program. Choose among 1,500 learning experiences available through South Carolina. 

Program Directory
Student standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
Andrea Bowman and another student sit on camels in the desert with guide leading them.

The best part about going to places with cultures so different from our own is the exciting things you learn and witness. Whether that is trying fried bugs in a rural village in China or being stuck in traffic because an elephant is being ridden to a wedding in India, you never know what to expect or how the experience will change you.

Adriana Bowman, USC ’19

Global Learning Graduation Honor

Earn special recognition graduation cords and "Leadership Distinction in Global Learning" on your transcripts and diplomas. Complete the Global Learning pathway to emphasize the personal, educational, and professional development that occurs when learning abroad.

Graduate with Leadership Distinction

Take flight.

The University of South Carolina can be your first step into a whole new world of academic and life experiences. Learn all about application requirements and deadlines and take a closer look at all our flagship campus has to offer. 

Undergraduate Admissions
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