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Academic Advising

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Academic Coaching

GET ON COURSE: Discover your strengths and plan your success in college by meeting with an Academic Coach.

Academic Coaching = Holistic Advising

Academic Coaching provides individualized support and guidance for undergraduate students who are in a state of exploration and/or are academically at-risk. Academic Coaching assists students who benefit from extended on-going support and one on one sessions specially tailored to their individual needs. Academic Coaches work with each student to explore majors and degree programs, discuss the major change process, complete self assessments (i.e. CliftonStrengths©), create an academic and engagement plan, set strategic goals, and identify campus resources that can help achieve academic goals within and beyond the classroom environment.

The table below illustrates the repertoire of academic coaches. 

Exploratory Advising
(15-30 minute appointments)
Academic Coaching
(60 minute appointments)
Advisement of USC's 140 majors/curricula X X
Major Exploration   X   X
Changing Majors Advisement/Exploratory Advising  X   X 
Course Planning & Major Guidance X  X 
 Referral  X X
Navigating Campus Resources   X
Mandate at-risk populations    X
Undeclared Academic Advisor (Undergraduate Studies)    X
Co-Curricular Engagement/Engagement Planning     X
Academic Success Strategies as related to major   
Interest Exploration   
Clifton Strengths for Students   X
Self-Assessments   X
Prescriptive Advising X X
Developmental/Appreciative/Holistic Advisement   X


Coaching Sessions

Coaches meet one-on-one with undergraduate students to create an academic and engagement plan, set goals, and share resources to help undergraduate students achieve their academic goals within and beyond the classroom environment. Our coaches tailor each session to the needs of the student and areas of focus for any appointment include:

  • General Academic Advising
  • Academic Planning & Success Strategies
  • Strengths Identification
  • Engagement Planning & Campus Involvement
  • Navigating Campus Resources


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