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Academic Advising

Research and Benchmarking

“College impact research has continually demonstrated a positive relationship between student-faculty interaction and a broad range of student educational outcomes, including academic achievement, educational aspirations, intellectual growth, and academic satisfaction.”  (Kim and Sax, 2009)

What the Research Says 

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) has published research briefs on the impact Faculty Engagement with Undergraduate Students has on retention and persistence:

EAB has also evaluated the role of Faculty as Academic Advisors and how the literature assesses the level of support Faculty provide to Undergraduate Students. (pdf or jpg of comparable chart needed). EAB has also provided six ways that "faculty can help students navigate their academic careers". 

What Other Institutions are Doing

Institution Mentorship Opportunity Keywords
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Auburn University tag 1, tag2
Clemson University  
College of Charleston  
Florida State University  
University of Alabama  
University of Florida  
University of Georgia  
University of Kentucky  



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