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Academic Advising

University Advisors Network

The UAN provides resources for all USC faculty and professional staff academic advisors serving Carolina undergraduate students. The UAN is the Provost-appointed coordinating council for academic advisors at USC. Each college and/or advising unit has a representative in the UAN who serves as a liaison to enhance campus-wide advising effectiveness. 

University Advisors' Network

Please note, UAN Meetings are open to all academic advisors; however, every academic advising unit is asked to delegate one member responsible for attending meetings, disseminating information, and monitoring the listserv.

Conditions of Membership Include:

  • One-year appointment by college or department. One member per advising unit. Often the same member is renewed each year.
  • Attend all meetings or send representative in your place.
  • Review minutes for accuracy. Approval at meetings.
  • Suggest topics for discussion (via online form, in-person, email).
  • In coordination with chairs, keep topics for discussion on-going until resolution.
  • Speak on behalf of your college or department for topics such as training, policy implementation, revised practice.
  • Update UAN on changes in your college. (i.e. new advising models, new procedures, new hires, etc.).
  • Sub-committees and specialty topics.
  • Utilize UAN resources via website.
  • Possible voting (by members only) on recommended practice (new or revised).
  • Approve your college’s information for campus-wide dissemination.
  • Relay information back to your advising department.
  • Advocacy for advising.

UAN Meeting Schedule

The University Advisors Network meets monthly. Please see the UAN meeting schedule below for time and location. 

  Date Time Location
Fall 2022 September 14, 2022 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301)
  October 19, 2022 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301)
  December 14, 2022 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301)
Spring 2023 January 18, 2023 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301) or
  February 15, 2023 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301) or
  March 15, 2023 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301) or
  May 3, 2023 9:30-11am
University Advising Center
(Close-Hipp, Room 301) or


UAN Meeting Minutes and Handouts

January 2023 [minutes]: Career Center Updates [Handout], Advisor Training & Development Opportunities, Certificates & Digital Studies Certificate Program [Handout]

December 2022 [minutes]: Admissions Update [Handout], Orientation Reminders [Handout], UAN Tech Subcommittee Updates [Handout], DEI Website and Mission Statement [Handout]

October 2022 [minutes]: National Fellowships [Handout], Entrepreneurship Minor [Handout], Hardship Withdrawal [Handout]

September 2022 [minutes]: Orientation Debrief [Handout], Education Abroad Advising Processes [Handout], DEIA in Advising [Handout]

May 2022 [minutes]: Admissions Update [Handout], Overview of Veterans' Orientation [Handout], Course Program of Study & DegreeWorks Update, Course Needs Request Process [Handout], Updates to Required Student Modules [Handout], New Math Placement Assessment (MAP) Rollout [Handout]

March 2022 [minutes]: Appreciating Academic Advisors Program [Handout], Physics 211 and 211 Lab Changes for Fall 2022 [Handout], Partnership with Midlands Tech 2+2 Agreements [Handout], Athletics Update [Handout], Practice Times [Handout], DEI in Advising Update [Handout]

February 2022 [minutes]: Cyber Intelligence Degree, Professional Writing and Communication Minor, Exploratory Advising Update [Handout]

January 2022 [minutes]: Class and Comp HR project, Techonlogy UAN Subcommittee Update [Handout], Advisor Spotlight - Janis Leaphart

November 2021 [minutes]: Sports Media Minor, Social Media Minor [Handout], CIEL & GLD [Handout], Faculty and Staff Grants [Handout], Carolina Engage Grant [Handout],  January Orientation Updates [Handout], Advising Database

October 2021 [minutes]: Undergraduate Student Ombuds Office [Handout], Winter Session/Summer Session/Summer Minors/Accelerated Study Plans [Handout], Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access in Academic Advising [Handout], Fall Technology Updates [Handout]

September 2021 [minutes]: Admissions Update, Orientation Recap [Handout], Summer Advisement [Handout], New Students Changing Majors/Exploratory Advising [Handout], Transfer Pass/Fail Implications [Handout]

May 2021 [minutes]: Orientation updates [Handout], Honors summer advisement [Memo], OSP summer advisement [Memo] Advisor Awards [Handout], International Student Enrollment Requirements [Handout]

April 2021[minutes]: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [Handout], USC Graduation Processes[Handout], Course Program of Study

March 2021[minutes]: Summer 2021 Orientation [Handout], Counseling Center Services [Handout], Bookstore [Handout], Advisor Talking Points for Fall Online Class Requests [Handout], Technology Updates [Handout]

February 2021[minutes]: My USC Experience Transcript [Handout], Admissions/Increasing Under-Represented Students [Handout], Summer Minors [Handout], Spring 2021 First-Year and Transfer Probation [Handout], Reach Act 

January 2021[minutes]: Honors College Advising Update [Handout], Athletics Advising Update [Handout], Advisor Training & Professional Development, Technology Update [Handout]

December 2020[minutes]: DegreeWorks Update [Handout], Advising Technology UAN Subcommittee Update [Handout], Spring 2021 Orientation Update [Handout], Master's Entry to Practice-Nursing MEPN [Handout]

November 2020[minutes]: Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society [Handout], Admissions Update [Handout], Law School Admissions Pipeline Program [Handout], Reach Act [Handout]

September 2020[minutes]: Orientation Summer Recap & Fall 2020 Registration [Handout], Faculty Referral Process for Absent/Disengaged Students [Handout], Education Abroad Updates [Handout], Academic Peer Mentorship, Technology Update from UAN Tech Subcommittee [Handout]

October 2020 [minutes]: Hardship Withdrawal and Ombuds Update [Handout], ACM Update on Double Major & Tuition Reduction, Winter Session Update, FLPT Update on Placeholder Grades

September 2019 [minutes]: Study Abroad, Orientation Summer Recap [Handout], College Change of Major Form Discussion [Handout], Academic Common Market Updates

October 2019 [minutes]: Academic Common Market Updates, AFAM Highlight, Transfer Student Data & Retention Initiatives [Handout], EAB & Advisor Assignments Update

November 2019 [minutes]: QEP Update [Handout], Undeclared Students Advisement [Handout], UAN Subcommittee On Advising Technology [Handout]

December 2019 [minutes]: Results of 2019 Orientation Advising Survey [Handout], Freshmen Interests Groups/FIGS, Updated Protocol for Advisor Assignments [Handout], South Carolina Washington Semester Program [Handout]

January 2020 [minutes]: Gates Foundation Advising Success Network [Handout], Winter Session, Summer Session, Research, OYT Updates 

February 2020 [minutes]: Bulletin Update/Course Leaf Implementation, Study Abroad Updates [Handout], Appreciating Academic Advisors [Handout]

April 2020 [minutes]: Admissions Update [Handout], Summer Orientation [Handout], Foreign Language Placement Exam Information, Technology Updates [Handout], Summer Semester and Jump Start

May 2020 [minutes]: Considerations for New Transfer Students [presentation], Transfer Credit Articulation guide [handout], Transfer Orientation Transcript Process for Summer 2020 [handout], Instructional Methods/Course Designators [handout], Faculty Referrals during Spring 2020 Campus Closure [report]

September 2018 [minutes]: Summer 2018 Advising Recap [Handout], DegreeWorks Planner [Handout], On Your Time Summer and Winter Sessions, Undergraduate Research Registry [Handout], Changing Majors LEAN Recommendations [Handout]

October 2018 [minutes]: New Budget Model, Academic Common Market, Advisor Professional Development Opportunities, Appreciating Academic Advisors Program

November 2018 [minutes]: Athletics Advising, Admissions Update, Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning  Updates, Orientation Updates

December 2018 [minutes]: Accelerated Bachelor's/Graduate Study Plan, Freshman Interest Groups, DegreeWorks Audit & Planner, Non-Registered Initiative & Appreciating Academic Advisors [Handout], Orientation

January 2019 [minutes]: Study Abroad, University Registrar, Advising Technology

February 2019 [minutes]: Diversity Class Overview/Enrollment Trends

March 2019 [minutes]: On Your Time Updates [Handout], My USC Experience, Beyond the Classroom Matters, & Advisor View [Handout]

April 2019 [minutes]: Banner IX May update/new views of Self-Service Carolina, Major Maps & Program of Study

May 2019 [minutes]: New Student Orientation & Summer Advisement, Counseling Center (Outreach and Referrals), UAN Year in Review



UAN Advising Technology Subcommittee Meeting Minutes and Handouts


UAN Members

Type Affiliation Name Contact Keywords
(hidden column)
Member College of Arts & Sciences
Kathy Anastes
Academic Advisor and Administrative Assistant, Economics Department  
College of Arts and Sciences
Shamauri Jenkins
Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Criminology and Criminal Justice  
College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Valeria Bates
Academic Advisor, College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management  
Undergraduate Admissions
Teresa Florentin
Senior Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions  
College of Arts and Sciences
Della Bryant
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator, School of Visual Art and Design  
College of Arts and Sciences
Claudia Carriere
Undergraduate/Graduate Coordinator and Office Manager, Department of Anthropology  
South Carolina Honors College
Ali Mathwig
Director of Advising, South Carolina Honors College  
University Advising Center
Brian Dusel
Director of Advising Technology, University Advising Center  
Member Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning
Lauren Epps
Assistant Director  
Member Education Abroad
Marci Heidt
Assistant Director of Education Abroad  
Member Academic Common Market
Alexandra Weaver
Compliance Specialist in the Office of Academic Programs  
Member Darla Moore School of Business
Lauren Kozlik
Director,  First Year Programs  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Joe Jones
Undergraduate Director, School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment  
Member College of Social Work
Sonya Singleton
Assistant Dean of Students, College of Social Work  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Dawn Hiller
Director of Students - Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences & CAS Enrollment Management, College of Arts and Sciences  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Nora Dragovic,
Director of Students - Science and Math, College of Arts and Sciences  
Member College of Engineering and Computing
Sarah Jusiewicz
Director of Advising , College of Engineering and Computing  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Edward Morris
Student Services Coordinator, Department of Political Science  
Member Palmetto College
Melissa Lowe
Director of Student Support and Advising  
Member Registrar
Aaron Marterer
University Registrar  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Leslie Lovelace
Director of Undergraduate Studies,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry  

New Student Orientation Alison Leach Hughes
Director of New Student Orientation  
Member College of Pharmacy
Kristi Kinslow
Director of Pre-Professional Studies and Recruitment  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Connie Outen
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator, Department of Psychology  
Member College of Arts & Sciences
Dawn Campbell,
Undergraduate Program Director, Women's and Gender Studies 
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Zhenlong Li
Geography Department
Member College of Information and Communications
Rebecca Boyd
Student Services Manager, College of Information and Communications
Member Arnold School of Public Health
Caleb Morris
Instructor and Academic Advisor, Arnold School of Public Health
Co-Chair University Advising Center
Claire Robinson
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advisement 
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Augustine,
Department of Sociology
Member Fellowships and Scholar Programs
Jan Smoak
Associate Director, Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs  
Member Athletics
Kaitlyn McCanna-Doty
Department of Athletics  
Member Summer, Evening, and Non-Degree Programs
Amanda Therrell
Manager- Academics, On Your Time Initiatives  
College of Arts and Sciences
Nancy Tolson
Assistant Director of African American Studies,  Department of African American Studies  
College of Nursing
Heidi Waltz
Student Services Manager, College of Nursing  
Member College of Education
Donna Watson
Director, Office of Student Services, College of Education  
Member  College of Arts and Sciences
Amanda Zeigler
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Biological Sciences  
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Jessica McCartha,
Department of English
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Anna House, 
Undergraduate Director, School of Visual Art and Design
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Tyler Mcnamara,
Department of History
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Xinfeng Liu,
Department of Mathematics
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Jeff Turner, 
Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Philosophy
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Jeff Wilson,
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Director, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Member College of Arts and Sciences
David Hitchcock, 
Undergraduate Director,
Department of Statistics
Member College of Arts and Sciences Laken Long,           Student Services Coordinator, Department of Theatre and Dance
Member School of Music
Jillian Bigony, 
Academic Advisor, School of Music
Member Opportunity Scholars Program Pinkney Epps, Opportunity Scholars Program Coordinator
Member College of Arts and Sciences
Mark Beck,
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures  
Member Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Brandon Lindsey,
Senior Assistant Director for Student Services
Member College of Arts and Sciences
John Mandsager, Undergraduate Director, Religious Studies


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