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Academic Advising

DegreeWorks for Advisors

DegreeWorks is a web-based degree auditing tool that students and advisors can access to monitor progress toward degree completion


DegreeWorks aids both students and advisors in monitoring students’ progress toward degree and assist students in choosing the most appropriate courses to fulfill degree requirements.

Integrated with students’ academic records in Banner, DegreeWorks  matches student record data (courses, hours grades) with degree requirements categorically to identify which courses meet degree requirements and which courses need to be completed.

Degree works also allows users to run “what if” and “look ahead” scenarios to both show how project courses will apply to a student’s major and apply a student’s course history to another  program of study.


Using DegreeWorks in Advisement

  • Review your advisee's DegreeWorks audit to ensure that all degree applicable credit is applied correctly and to plan for future course advisement. 
  • 'Process New' to view the most recent degree audit information. 
During Appointment
  • Show your advisee their DegreeWorks audit and review degree requirements and future course options. 
  • Ensure that your advisee knows how to access and review their DegreeWorks audit on their own.
After Appointment
  • Enter the advised course schedule in the Notes and/or Plans tab.
  • Freeze the audit to save audit information at the time of the appointment.



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