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Office of the Faculty Senate

Faculty Senators

The Faculty Senate consists of 10 percent of the voting members of the faculty, elected by each college, school, or regional campus, except that the clinical, teaching faculty from each School of Medicine will be represented by three faculty.

Each spring semester, the Faculty Senate office calculates the appropriate senate representation for each college and school. Senators are elected for a three-year term in the spring, with the term beginning with the fall semester.  Every faculty member has the right to attend and address the senate, but only senators may vote.

New Senator Orientation

New Senator orientation will be held prior to the first Faculty Senate meeting of the academic year.

2022-2023 Senate Officers

Current senate officers are listed below.

Mary Korsgaard, Chair, Darla Moore School Of Business, Management (2023)
Marianne Bickle, Secretary, College Of Hospitality, Retail And Sport Management, College Of Hrsm (2022)
Wayne Outten, Chair-Elect, College Of Arts And Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)

William Sudduth, Parliamentarian, University Libraries, Government Info And Maps (2022)

2022-2023 Senators

Current faculty senators are listed by college and department below.

Last Name Name Division/College Department Year
Ackerson, StephanieStephanie AckersonCollege Of Arts And SciencesBiological Sciences2025
Adams, CharlesCharles AdamsArnold School Of Public HealthComm Sciences And Disorders2023
Albrecht, HelmutHelmut AlbrechtSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Internal Medicine2023
Alcalde, BrunoBruno AlcaldeSchool Of MusicSchool Of Music2025
Almgren, MichaelaMichaela AlmgrenCollege Of PharmacyClinical Pharm And Outcome Sci2025
Altschul, BrettBrett AltschulCollege Of Arts And SciencesPhysics & Astronomy2023
Azhar, MohamadMohamad AzharSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Cell/dev Bio & Anatomy2023
Barbieri, KatherineKatherine BarbieriCollege Of Arts And SciencesPolitical Science2024
Barilla, JamesJames BarillaCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2023
Behroozmand, RoozbehRoozbeh BehroozmandArnold School Of Public HealthComm Sciences And Disorders2024
Bourbonnais, AnnieAnnie BourbonnaisCollege Of Arts And SciencesSch Of Earth, Ocean, & Envmt2025
Brackmann, DanielDaniel BrackmannSchool Of LawLaw Library2025
Branner, KatriceKatrice BrannerDarla Moore School Of BusinessManagement Science2024
Buckhaults, PhillipPhillip BuckhaultsCollege Of PharmacyDrug Discovery And Biomed Sci2024
Butterfield, CraigCraig ButterfieldSchool Of MusicSchool Of Music2023
Cagle, BrentBrent CagleCollege Of Social WorkCol Of Social Work2024
Carlson, RyanRyan CarlsonCollege Of EducationEducational Studies2024
Carnes, NateNate CarnesCollege Of EducationInstruc & Techr Education2023
Carrico, AlexandriaAlexandria CarricoSchool Of MusicSchool Of Music2025
Chappell, KatherineKatherine ChappellCollege Of NursingCollege Of Nursing2023
Chen, BrianBrian ChenArnold School Of Public HealthHealth Services Policy And Mgt2025
Chosed, ReneeRenee ChosedSchool Of Medicine GreenvilleMdg Biomedical Sciences2023
Clark, ColleenColleen ClarkSchool Of MusicSchool Of Music2024
Clenney, KarenKaren ClenneyUniversity LibrariesResearch Instruction Reference2023
Compton, JohnJohn ComptonCollege Of Arts And SciencesNaval Science2024
Cunningham, KathleenKathleen CunninghamCollege Of EducationEduc Leadrshp & Policies2024
Dallas, TadTad DallasBiological Sciences2025
De Backer, WoutWout De BackerCollege Of Engineering And ComputingMechanical Engineering2025
DeBacker, JasonJason DebackerDarla Moore School Of BusinessEconomics2023
Decker, ScottScott DeckerCollege Of Arts And SciencesPsychology2025
Dicker, AaronAaron DickerCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2025
Dix, DanielDaniel DixCollege Of Arts And SciencesMathematics2024
Doering-White, JohnJohn Doering-whiteCollege Of Social WorkCol Of Social Work2025
Doutis, PanayiotisPanayiotis DoutisCollege Of EducationDept Of Physical Education2024
Doxtader, ErikErik DoxtaderCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2025
Duffy, MelissaMelissa DuffyCollege Of EducationEducational Studies2025
Duncan, GrahamGraham DuncanUniversity LibrariesSouth Caroliniana Library2024
Dupre, LanceLance DupreUniversity LibrariesLibrary Information Technology2025
Edwards, KathrynKathryn EdwardsCollege Of Arts And SciencesHistory2025
Eisenberg, AnnAnn EisenbergSchool Of LawLaw Office2024
Elliott, JuliaJulia ElliottPalmetto CollegePalmetto College Academic Aff2024
Fairchild, AmandaAmanda FairchildCollege Of Arts And SciencesPsychology2023
Fenimore, WandaWanda FenimorePalmetto CollegeSmt Palmetto College2023
Fenske, MindyMindy FenskeCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2022
Fernandes, PearlPearl FernandesPalmetto CollegeSmt Palmetto College2023
Fleming, KellyKelly FlemingArnold School Of Public HealthEnvironmental Health Sciences2023
Flora, JosephJoseph FloraCollege Of Engineering And ComputingCivil And Env Engineering2023
Freeman, AmieAmie FreemanUniversity LibrariesLibrary Digital Resources2025
Frost, DanDan FrostCollege Of Arts And SciencesSch Of Earth, Ocean, & Envmt2025
Garane, JeanneJeanne GaraneCollege Of Arts And SciencesLang, Lit, And Cultures2025
Gerald, AmyAmy GeraldPalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2025
Germany, KentKent GermanyCollege Of Arts And SciencesHistory2023
Glenn, AaronAaron GlennSchool Of LawLaw Library2023
Gross, AndrewAndrew GrossCollege Of Engineering And ComputingMechanical Engineering2023
Gunter, TraceyTracey GunterCollege Of Arts And SciencesStatistics2024
Habib, SabrinaSabrina HabibCollege Of Information And CommunicationsSch Of Journ & Mass Comun2024
Hall, KristinKristin HallCollege Of Arts And SciencesTheatre And Dance2024
Hampton, ClarkClark HamptonDarla Moore School Of BusinessAccounting2025
Harley, JohnJohn HarleySchool Of MusicSchool Of Music2023
Harrison, CarolCarol HarrisonCollege Of Arts And SciencesHistory2024
Harrod, StevenSteven HarrodCollege Of Arts And SciencesPsychology2025
Hauk, WilliamWilliam HaukDarla Moore School Of BusinessEconomics2024
Hazlett, LindaLinda HazlettArnold School Of Public HealthEpidemiology And Biostatistics2025
Hein, LiamLiam HeinCollege Of NursingCollege Of Nursing2025
Heinemann-Priest, ClaudiaClaudia Heinemann-priestPalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2024
Henderson, AndreaAndrea HendersonCollege Of Arts And SciencesSociology2024
Hikmet, NesetNeset HikmetCollege Of Engineering And ComputingIntegrated Information Tech2024
Hock, RobertRobert HockCollege Of Social WorkCol Of Social Work2023
Holladay, JohnJohn HolladayCollege Of PharmacyCollege Of Pharmacy2023
Hollis, FionaFiona HollisSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Pharm/phys & Neuro2025
Huebner, EugeneEugene HuebnerCollege Of Arts And SciencesPsychology2023
Hunter, DawnDawn HunterCollege Of Arts And SciencesSchool Of Visual Art Design2024
Jackson, JoynelleJoynelle JacksonCollege Of NursingCollege Of Nursing2023
Jarrells, AnthonyAnthony JarrellsCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2023
Kiernan, DanielDaniel KiernanPalmetto CollegeSmt Palmetto College2025
Knotts, EileaEilea KnottsCollege Of Arts And SciencesBiological Sciences2024
Korsgaard, MaryMary KorsgaardDarla Moore School Of BusinessManagement2023
Kunchur, MilindMilind KunchurCollege Of Arts And SciencesPhysics & Astronomy2023
Lai, Wei-KaiWei-kai LaiPalmetto CollegeSa Palmetto College2023
Lavigne, JohnJohn LavigneCollege Of Arts And SciencesChemistry & Biochemistry2023
Lehman, AmyAmy LehmanCollege Of Arts And SciencesTheatre And Dance2025
Lewis, EliseElise LewisCollege Of Information And CommunicationsSchool Of Information Science2023
Lewis, JessicaJessica LewisDarla Moore School Of BusinessAccounting2023
Liang, ChenChen LiangArnold School Of Public HealthHealth Services Policy And Mgt2025
Lindeman, KathrynKathryn LindemanCollege Of Arts And SciencesPhilosophy2023
Macauda, MarkMark MacaudaArnold School Of Public HealthCtr For Applied Research Care2025
Mack, AhronAhron MackSa Palmetto College2025
Madden, NormanNorman MaddenCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2023
Maltarich, MarkMark MaltarichDarla Moore School Of BusinessManagement2023
Mann, EmilyEmily MannArnold School Of Public HealthHealth Promo Edu And Behavior2025
Marques Burke, FernandaFernanda Marques BurkePalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2023
Martin, ChristieChristie MartinCollege Of EducationInstruc & Techr Education2023
Matthews, CatherineCatherine MatthewsCollege Of Engineering And ComputingComputer Sci & Eng2024
Maur, CarleenCarleen MaurCollege Of Arts And SciencesSchool Of Visual Art Design2023
Mcclung-Smith, CatherineCatherine Mcclung-smithSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaCdr Operational Account2024
McGill, DeniseDenise McgillCollege Of Information And CommunicationsSch Of Journ & Mass Comun2023
Meyer-Gutbrod, ErinErin Meyer-gutbrodCollege Of Arts And SciencesSch Of Earth, Ocean, & Envmt2023
Miao, Chun-HuiChun-hui MiaoDarla Moore School Of BusinessEconomics2024
Michels, JillJill MichelsCollege Of PharmacyPalmetto Poison Center2023
Minett, MarkMark MinettCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2024
Mock, CaryCary MockCollege Of Arts And SciencesGeography2025
Montgomery, KaraKara MontgomeryArnold School Of Public HealthUndergraduate Student Services2023
Moody, MichaelMichael MoodyCollege Of Hospitality, Retail And Sport ManagementCollege Of Hrsm - Retl2023
Moore, TeresaTeresa MooreArnold School Of Public HealthDepartment Of Exercise Science2024
Nagel, CarolineCaroline NagelCollege Of Arts And SciencesGeography2024
Ohrt, DorothyDorothy OhrtCollege Of EducationEducational Studies2024
Osborne, JasonJason OsborneCollege Of Arts And SciencesLang, Lit, And Cultures2023
Outten, WayneWayne OuttenCollege Of Arts And SciencesChemistry & Biochemistry2025
Owens, OtisOtis OwensCollege Of Social WorkCol Of Social Work2024
Pennington-Gray, LoriLori Pennington-grayCollege Of Hospitality, Retail And Sport ManagementCollege Of Hrsm - Hrtm2024
Perdikaki, OlgaOlga PerdikakiDarla Moore School Of BusinessManagement Science2023
Pierce, CharlesCharles PierceDivision Of Academic Affairs And ProvostCtr For Integrative Experienti2024
Raj, ClaireClaire RajSchool Of LawLaw Office2024
Randazzo, KirkKirk RandazzoCollege Of Arts And SciencesPolitical Science2023
Rasso, JasonJason RassoDarla Moore School Of BusinessAccounting2024
Raunikar, RobertRobert RaunikarSchool Of Medicine GreenvilleMdg School Of Medicine Greenvi2023
Raynor, PhyllisPhyllis RaynorCollege Of NursingCollege Of Nursing2025
Regalbuto, JohnJohn RegalbutoCollege Of Engineering And ComputingChemical Engineering2024
Regoeczi, WendyWendy RegoecziCollege Of Arts And SciencesCriminology And Crim Justice2023
Rekleitis, IoannisIoannis RekleitisCollege Of Engineering And ComputingComputer Sci & Eng2024
Robinson, EricEric RobinsonCollege Of Information And CommunicationsSch Of Journ & Mass Comun2024
Rule, HannahHannah RuleCollege Of Arts And SciencesEnglish2023
Sahin, AlphanAlphan SahinCollege Of Engineering And ComputingElectrical Engineering2025
Schaffer, ShannaShanna SchafferUniversity LibrariesLibrary Collection Development2023
Schramm-Pate, SusanSusan Schramm-pateCollege Of EducationInstruc & Techr Education2023
Schriber, AbbeAbbe SchriberCollege Of Arts And SciencesSchool Of Visual Art Design2025
Schroeder, AshleyAshley SchroederCollege Of Hospitality, Retail And Sport ManagementCollege Of Hrsm - Hrtm2025
Shah, PayalPayal ShahCollege Of EducationEducational Studies2025
Simmons, DavidDavid SimmonsCollege Of Arts And SciencesAnthropology2024
Smith, WilliamWilliam SmithCollege Of Arts And SciencesCriminology And Crim Justice2025
Stefik, MorganMorgan StefikCollege Of Arts And SciencesChemistry & Biochemistry2024
Stonitsch, ToddTodd StonitschDarla Moore School Of BusinessFinance2024
Strosnider, WilliamWilliam StrosniderCollege Of Arts And SciencesBaruch Coastal Laboratory2023
Stuart, DanielDaniel StuartCollege Of Arts And SciencesReligious Studies2024
Sudduth, WilliamWilliam SudduthUniversity LibrariesGovernment Info And Maps2023
Sur, Myung HaMyung Ha SurCollege Of EducationDept Of Physical Education 
Tan, ChanghuiChanghui TanCollege Of Arts And SciencesMathematics2023
Tavakoli, AbbasAbbas TavakoliCollege Of NursingCollege Of Nursing2024
Taylor-Driggers, BrittanyBrittany Taylor-driggersPalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2023
Taylor-Driggers, BrittanyBrittany Taylor-driggersPalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2023
Thorne, FrankFrank ThorneCollege Of Arts And SciencesMathematics2023
Thornhill, JoshuaJoshua ThornhillSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Office Of Academic Affairs2025
Torres, KevinKevin TorresPalmetto CollegeUn Palmetto College2023
Trilk, JenniferJennifer TrilkSchool Of Medicine GreenvilleMdg Biomedical Sciences2024
Valtorta, MarcoMarco ValtortaCollege Of Engineering And ComputingComputer Sci & Eng2025
Vejerano, EricEric VejeranoArnold School Of Public HealthEnvironmental Health Sciences2023
Velazquez, KandyKandy VelazquezSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Path-micro-immunology2023
Wallace, ClintonClinton WallaceSchool Of LawLaw Office2023
Wang, HuiHui WangCollege Of Arts And SciencesChemistry & Biochemistry2023
Wang, LianmingLianming WangCollege Of Arts And SciencesStatistics2025
Watanabe, NicholasNicholas WatanabeCollege Of Hospitality, Retail And Sport ManagementCollege Of Hrsm - Spte2023
Weaver, RobertRobert WeaverArnold School Of Public HealthDepartment Of Exercise Science2023
Webb, RobertRobert WebbSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Cell/dev Bio & Anatomy2025
Weisenburg, MichaelMichael WeisenburgUniversity LibrariesIrvin Dept Of Rare Books2024
Weissman, SharonSharon WeissmanSchool Of Medicine ColumbiaMdc Internal Medicine2024
Welshhans, KristyKristy WelshhansCollege Of Arts And SciencesBiological Sciences2023
Whitener, KathrynKathryn WhitenerDarla Moore School Of BusinessManagement2024
Williard, AshleyAshley WilliardCollege Of Arts And SciencesLang, Lit, And Cultures2024
Winston, EmilyEmily WinstonSchool Of LawLaw Office2025
Wright, ParrishParrish WrightCollege Of Arts And SciencesLang, Lit, And Cultures2024
Xu, MingliMingli XuCollege Of Arts And SciencesBiological Sciences2023
Yang, XiaojingXiaojing YangDarla Moore School Of BusinessMarketing2024
Yenkey, ChristopherChristopher YenkeyDarla Moore School Of BusinessInternational Business2023
Yingst, AndrewAndrew YingstPalmetto CollegeLan Palmetto College2024
Zhou, ChenChen ZhouDarla Moore School Of BusinessMarketing2023

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