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Office of the Faculty Senate

Faculty Civility Advocate

The University of South Carolina seeks to create an environment in which members of the university community are civil and respectful of individuals and individual differences and effectively and efficiently supports the mission of the University of South Carolina. The faculty of the university believes that these goals can only be achieved through adherence to the values expressed in the Carolinian Creed

About the Faculty Civility Advocate

Accordingly, The faculty of the university considers workplace bullying unacceptable because it undermines these values.

ACAF 1.80 policy

The Faculty Civility Advocate is charged with adjudicating and resolving complaints of faculty-on-faculty workplace bullying. A complaint filed with the Faculty Civility Advocate starts a formal procedure towards resolution. Individuals are encouraged to first seek informal resolution through their department chair, supervisor, or dean, or to speak to the Ombudsman.

If you would like to meet with the Faculty Civility Advocate, please email or call 803-777-2907.

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