September 20, 2010 - Genesis 2015 Brings New Beginnings to a Sustainable USC

Amanda Sordelet & Nicole Jones

Running behind a bus in Columbia, South Carolina does not seem like an ideal situation for any running enthusiast, but on Saturday, September 18, the University of South Carolina's Genesis 2015 Initiative invited all the participants in the Parents Weekend 5K to do just that. But instead of wheezing and coughing behind the fumes of a regular diesel engine, the runners were able to experience the clean, refreshing

H2O emissions from the Hydrogen Bus that the university obtained earlier this year in an attempt to create a sustainable community on campus.

Genesis 2015 is a program that began over a year ago by the USC Department of Vehicle Management and Parking Services in order to decrease fuel emissions 90% from the university vehicle fleet by the year 2015. In order to do this, the university turned to alternative fuel methods such as converting diesel engines into using propane, and utilizing low-fuel emission vehicles within the fleet.

The program also advocates research on alternative fuel resources and advancements that can be incorporated into the changes the university is making to create a sustainable community. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus is one of these advancements, using fuel-cell technology to power its engine without generating any harmful pollutants in its emissions. The only substance coming out of the tailpipe is water vapor, which is a nice substitute from the smoke and gas emissions often associated with diesel engines.


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