Faculty Grievance Committee

1999-2000 Annual Report


During 1999-2000, the Faculty Grievance Committee heard three grievances, two were related to tenure and promotion, one was a grievance concerning salary.

In one of the tenure and promotion grievances, the committee could not find any compelling reason to support the grievance nor to recommend reconsideration of the case for tenure or promotion. President Palms concurred. In the other tenure and promotion grievance, the committee concluded that there was cause for the grievance and that based on the record, taken as a whole, the committee recommended that the grievant be promoted and tenured at the rank of associate professor. Before President Palms responded to this recommendation, the grievant accepted a position at another university.

In the grievance concerning salary, the committee concluded that the grievantís relative treatment among peers did not appear to reflect any pattern of abuse. No procedural problems in recent salary allocations within the unit were found. However, the committee did recommend that the Dean initiate a thorough analysis of the salary structure among all ranks and to address any latent inequities that may exist.

The committee again thanks the University Committee on Tenure and Promotion for having a representative attend hearings on tenure and promotion grievances.

Professor F. Patrick Hubbard (Law) will be Chair of the Grievance Committee for 2000-2001.


Barry M. Preedom, Chair 1999-2000
Faculty Grievance Committee