Faculty Senate Bookstores Committee
Annual Report 2000-2001

Members of the Faculty Senate Bookstores Committee for 2000-2001 were: Robert Cannon, Computer Science; Jeanne Garane, French and Classics, Chair; Gary Geer, Libraries and Information Systems; Jan Love, Religious Studies; Sandra Tonnsen, Education, and Terry Wolfer, Social Work

The committee met three times last year to discuss two complaints. The first complaint was lodged by Dr. Aylward, Chair of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. The committee met with representatives of the Russell House Bookstore in an attempt to resolve the matter. Dean Ina Hark was sent a copy of the minutes of this meeting. The committee also met to discuss a complaint lodged by Dr. Amidon, Health Administration, regarding the sale of tobacco products at the bookstore. Once it was determined that the bookstore is allowed by contract to sell tobacco, the committee recommended to Dr. Amidon that he raise the matter with the University's Division of Business and Finance, which oversees the contract.

Gary Geer was elected the new chair of the Bookstore Committee. Professors Davis Baird, Philosophy, and Greg Carbone, Geography, were elected to replace committee members Jeanne Garane and Terry Wolfer who are rotating off.

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